Today Was An Unexpected “Take Your Daughter To Work Day”

And not by choice! This morning I was shocked to hear my little one had a half day of school. Usually when she has half days, I makes plans with her sitter or my husband. But being that my husband's unit was deployed to help with the disaster that Hurricane Sandy left behind, I was left to my own devices. With him not being home for a whole 18 days has really taken a toll on me. I'm usually on top of things and know when my kids are off or have half days but not recently. "What to do, … [Read more...]

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas out there. Hope your day is full of happiness and you are getting the treatment you deserve. As for me, I love Mother's Day. I love spending time with my babies (of course) and my husband. It's a day for family, love and breakfast, made especially by my other half. It's also a day to receive the most beautiful hand-made greeting card from my little one. Isn't it beautiful? Enjoy YOUR day mamas! Happy Mother's Day! … [Read more...]

My Number is 35. What’s Yours? A Sleep Number® P5 Bed Review

Experts say you should replace your mattress every 5-7 years.  Did you know that? I sure didn't. The reason experts say 5-7 years is because people's bodies change over time, and the need for comfort and good support increases with age.  When you think you need a new mattress, it's usually a good idea to go out and start comparing mattresses and foundations to a newer model every few years. Are you curious to know how long I've had mine? 6 years? 8 years? 11 years? NOPE! 16 … [Read more...]

Bloggers Share Their Best and Worst Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is 4 days away. Are you ready? :) I hope so. A few days ago I sent out an email to some bloggers and friends and I asked them if they wanted to share their best & worst Valentine's Day. I didn't get 14 responders like I had planned but at least I got a good list for you to read.  The first thing I want to say is that this post was inspired by the lovely Jai from (we first met at message boards) where she's doing something a bit different at … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – My Hubby Thinks Ahead

This was one of my birthday cards that my amazing husband gave me two weeks.  This year he did something totally different.  Something that husbands rarely do. He thought ahead. Yes, ladies. Sometimes my husband thinks ahead. I guess he gets it from me.....NOT! lol (The front of the card) (The inside of the card) Isn't he the most thoughtful husband ever??!! HAHAHAHAHA! Just kidding Babe. You are!! I hope you all enjoy the last Wordless Wednesday of the year!! 2011, here we come! … [Read more...]

Ramblings: I Threw My Kids Out on My Birthday

You may think I'm the worst mom in the whole wide world but after you read this, you'll (hopefully) understand. Yesterday was my birthday and my husband took the day off to spend my birthday with me. We didn't plan anything special -- just breakfast at the local diner or lunch at Red Robin. We agreed that we'll go with the flow. The night before, he said that he'd take care of the kids in the morning so I could sleep in and I immediately had a grin from ear to ear. I don't know about … [Read more...]

Top 5 Annoying Things My Husband Says…

I've been married to my lovely husband for 14+ years and I'm still madly in love with him.  I also still find him attractive but that doesn't mean I don't get annoyed by some of the things he says. Here's what he says that drives me bananas: 1. Where's the remote? -- Maybe if you would get off your ass, you'd find it. Most of the time he's sitting on it. 2. I can't find it! -- Well if you look right, you'll find it. It's not gonna pop out and say here I am! 3. What's for dinner? -- … [Read more...]

Ramblings: Do You Believe in Ghosts?

With Halloween just around the corner, there's tons of shows and movies on TV about ghosts, goblins and teen slashers.  But to some, ghosts are not only on the big screen. There are also tons of shows about "real" ghosts like Ghost Hunters on SyFy, The Haunted on Animal Planet, Paranormal State on A&E and many more. I was once a skeptic when it came to ghosts until I met my hubby (boyfriend back then). Although I never encountered spirits or ghosts, the stories he told would make my … [Read more...]

Shout-Out Sunday – 10/3

If you want to know more about why Shout-Out Sunday was created, then click HERE. In the mean time, click on the links and enjoy the picks of the week. (not in any particular order) I have a blender and it collects dusts.  These tips will revive it for sure! Some wishes do come true. works wonders. This. Must. Stop! This husband knows how to get into his wife's heart. Recapturing Beauty. I think I will also agree that bloggers are versatile. You? What … [Read more...]

Ramblings: How It All Started – The Story Of Us

So today's my dear husband's 40th birthday. If you really know me than you know this is a HUGE thing for us. You see we started "dating" 20 years ago today. Yes, you read that right. 20 years ago. But that's not all. I've known him since I was just 4 years old. Are you shocked yet? hehehehe I almost wrote about our "love story" here but I'll do it now. Do you want to know how it all started? Let me tell you The Story of Us: It started on the 4 train, near Yankee Stadium on a beautiful … [Read more...]