Bloggers Share Their Best and Worst Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is 4 days away. Are you ready? 🙂 I hope so.

A few days ago I sent out an email to some bloggers and friends and I asked them if they wanted to share their best & worst Valentine’s Day.

I didn’t get 14 responders like I had planned but at least I got a good list for you to read.  The first thing I want to say is that this post was inspired by the lovely Jai from (we first met at message boards) where she’s doing something a bit different at her site.  She asked 14 men various questions about Valentine’s Day — love, relationships, clothing, make-up, etc. It’s really interesting to know what these men say. So don’t forget to check out her 14 Men Series.

Over the years (I’ve been with hubby since 1990) I’ve had some great Valentine’s Day and no-so-great Valentine’s.  For now, I’ll share one of the good ones. 😉

Lisa (Me)

We were dating for about 3 years and on this particular Valentine’s Day, he had to work late.  So I decided to visit him (he was living with his sister at the time) and hang out for awhile til he came out of work.  I walked into his room to drop my stuff off and I saw this cute teddy bear with a red bow around his neck from Vermont Teddy Bear sitting on his bed, balloons and a gift wrapped in sparkly red paper.  I was beyond shocked! This was the very first time he surprised me like that.  Inside the box was a cute “night-time” 😉 set from Victoria’s Secret.  When he got home, I hugged him so tight and gave him the gift I had, which was a shirt from the Gap (I know, not too special) and a card.  He loved the shirt so it was a score in my book. It is by far my favorite Valentine’s Day.


My hubby and I are HS Sweethearts. We’ve been together since junior year of HS.  So our first VD was my favorite one. He was always such a sweetie.  He left the biggest bear and flowers at my first period class. It was very sweet and I never forgot that!  I really haven’t had a bad Valentine’s Day because he’s honestly very good about V-Day and I’ve been pretty lucky! He never forgets and always plans ahead. I’ve received really thoughtful presents and have had a lot of romantic V-Days with no pressure!


The worst Valentine’s and the best Valentine’s day happen in the same year; 2007. I was single at the time on Valentines day and just shared it with the kids as any other day. Three days later, I was set up on a blind date and 4 years later, I was able to get my feet on solid ground again and get out of Cloud 9.  I knew too late what the true meaning of “loving someone with all your heart meant.”


When my husband and I sat down to try to figure which was our best/worst and we came up with nothing! The reason for it is that we do not celebrate Valentine’s Day… Our motto is romance should not be celebrated one day a year… It should be everyday…. Especially on days where commercially is not expensive.

La Latina Loquita

I guess my best Valentine’s day was in 2009 when I spent it with my mom and sister. We went to Build-A-Bear, and my sister bought me very first and only build a bear with her own money. She was so cute; she really wanted me to have one. After that we went to dinner. They’re the best Valentine’s a girl could ask for.

My worst I think will be this Valentine’s day since it will be my last day of work, and after that I’m officially unemployed. But other than that all my Valentine’s day have been bad from just staying home and eating chocolates alone, to guys forgetting the day or plainly saying that they don’t celebrate that day. I did get broken up with on Valentine’s day once. I was 17. It was more like are you kidding me type of feeling than a sad feeling. I just couldn’t believe of all days to break up with someone he’d pick that one.

Anonymous girl

This was my first valentine’s day with my now husband. He sent me flowers to my office, but unfortunately he also sent flowers to his ex-girlfriend and they switched up the cards. We had only been dating for about two months and although his card to her was innocent (having dated her for 7 years and being his first and only girlfriend at the time, me being the second), it hurt. It took a lot of apologies for me to forgive him and not throw him to the curb.

I now understood that he didn’t want to get back with her but he thought it might be rough for her with him having a new girlfriend and her single still and wanted to let her know that what they had was special and while it was over, he didn’t harbor any regrets. He had broken up with her. It was a nice guy thing to do, which is one of the things I love most about him, that’s he always the nice guy but stunk at the time that he still cared enough to be nice to her. The other thing was that I didn’t even want to date anyone at the time, having myself just coming out of a long relationship, but her persisted and I was finally starting to really like him.


The one that meant the most was when Ben was a baby back in 2006. I was exhausted all the time (as a new mom). Ben was 4 1/2 months and had gone on a nursing strike around that time, so I was upset also. My husband brought home flowers for Valentines Day and it really made it special for me, because he knew I needed the pick me up. A simple bouquet lifted me up out of my doldrums.


I have a very stark memory of the worst Valentine’s Day ever… My husband asked me what I wanted and of course, being the modest person that I am, I said nothing . So I that night of Valentine’s Day I get home from work and I sit on the couch and to my surprise I had nothing. He actually listened to me! It was horrible. He made up for it the next day with a card and a box of chocolates but my word of advice to any girl, or guy, if your partner asks what you want – tell them! No one can read minds. Be careful what you wish for… you just might get it. 🙂


I might be the only woman in the US who doesn’t care about Valentine’s Day. I really couldn’t care less if my husband does something special on that day or not. And usually he knows not to bother. I want the V-Day treatment every day, not just once a year, and I much rather get the surprises from him on day that is not marked on calendar, than on a day that is. Same with me – I rather do surprises and treat my husband all the time like it’s Valentine’s Day. My best Valentine’s Day? Being treated like it’s Valentine’s Day just on a regular Wednesday.


My best valentines day happened while I was living in Florence, Italy and my boyfriend surprised me. Up until then I was always the one trekking to Capri to visit which entailed taking three modes of transportation (train to Naples, taxi to the port and boat to Capri) Florence is a pretty spectacular city but wandering the streets with the one you love is even better.

I didn’t know the truth about Valentine’s Day until I had my first serious boyfriend… I’ll never forget the Valentine’s Day he gave me a wrapped box. It was heavy, couldn’t really shake it, and I thought, “oh, something good!”  No matter what the present is,  it’s fun to tear something open with complete enthusiasm.
There it was. A scale. The kind you stand on to weigh yourself. The kind that not only tells you how much you weigh, it also tells you your body fat percentage. Nothing spells romance like body fat percentages. I guess the look on my face showed how I really felt. He was genuinely surprised that I didn’t jump for joy over the scale. It was kind of hard to want to go to dinner after that.   I just kept thinking, what’s my body fat percentage going to be after I eat?? There was no dessert that night. For anyone.

My birthday falls on Feb. 13th the day before Valentine’s so normally I get screwed in the whole process lol. I grew up getting quite a bit of pink and red heart t-shirts, Heart shaped chocolates, and fluffy teddy bears for my birthday. My husband does pretty good now though. It just took me 10 years to train him.


My best Valentine’s was actually very lame while I was going through it – or missed out on it in my case. It was the Valentine’s Day that I was pregnant with The Kiddo and living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I was under doctor’s orders to relax and not work for a couple of weeks, and of course I was stressed out about missing work. So I spent Valentine’s Day at the athletic club working out, and going for a swim and lounging by the outdoor pools – it was a gorgeous sunny day. I remember stopping by Quizno’s on the way home that afternoon, and once I got home, I turned on HBO, and was so tired that I fell asleep on the couch and missed getting ready for our fancy schmancy dinner plans! I awoke on the couch that night to find a huge “monkey love” balloon tied to a beautiful little box of a ring I’d ogled during our last trip to Hawaii at the George Jensen jewelry store. My hubby had picked it up at their location in Chicago during his recent business trip to surprise me. He was a total sweetheart and didn’t even care about missing our planned last Valentine’s dinner as a childless couple – and me sleeping through our plans. (How lame!) Looking back now, I’d give anything to relive that lazy day on my own to workout, work on my tan, catch up on sleep and receive gorgeous jewelry! It’s my all-time FAVE Valentine’s Day!!


One year my husband was all secretive using the computer and printing like crazy. But I was not allowed to see any of it. He asked me what I wanted to eat, made my favorite meal, sour cream enchiladas, and bought me roses. He decorated the table with candles and everything he had printed up. There were photos of us, and words that expressed his feelings for me. He cut each word out closely to the word and the whole spread looked amazing. I was really impressed with the amount of detail he put into Valentine’s Day that year.


Best Valentine’s Day..last year, my husband who knows that if I could I would drape myself in velvet all day long ( just like George Costanza), surprised me with two pairs of candy-apple red velvet pajamas. And knowing my penchant for bagels, bought me an everything bagel loaded with cream cheese and lox, which we toasted with a tall glass of chocolate milk. My man knows I’m all about being cozy and eating comfort foods.

I hope you enjoyed these stories.  Do you have any stories you’d like to share?


  1. awww…i missed sharing my story, but loved the stories you shared 🙂

    My favorite Valentines was 9yrs ago, when my youngest son was born. Elijah Valentino Veale 🙂 He is the best Valentines gift my husband and I could have ever received!
    isaida aka mami dearest recently posted..2011

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  4. I guess you decided not to use mine 😉

    There are some funny stories here. I would have been pretty upset if my boyfriend sent flowers to his ex girlfriend. LOL
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  10. Lisa, cute stories! Thanks to all for sharing.

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