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So today’s my dear husband’s 40th birthday. If you really know me than you know this is a HUGE thing for us. You see we started “dating” 20 years ago today. Yes, you read that right. 20 years ago. But that’s not all. I’ve known him since I was just 4 years old. Are you shocked yet? hehehehe

I almost wrote about our “love story” here but I’ll do it now. Do you want to know how it all started? Let me tell you The Story of Us:

It started on the 4 train, near Yankee Stadium on a beautiful spring day in the Bronx. My mom left the dermatologist office because she had to go through a chemical peel because of bad acne. I was “acting up” (so she says) and she was getting frustrated so she screamed at me.  A lady sitting right across from us said “Awwww, she’s so cute, you shouldn’t scream at her.” My mom said that I was getting on her nerves and she couldn’t take it anymore  and she was in a lot of pain so she didn’t want to deal with my nonsense. The lady told her don’t worry, things will turn out ok. And before she left for her stop, she said to take care.

A few weeks later, we were on the same train around the same area and the lady spots my mom again. She says “Hey, remember me?” My mom says “Yes, I do, how are you?” The lady says “I’m doing good. Your face looks great.”  She said Thanks. Than the lady said “Isn’t this odd – us seeing each other again;  You want to to stop and get a cup of coffee?” My mom said “Sure” and they went to a local coffee shop by Grand Concourse in the Bronx.

They spoke for a few hours in the coffee shop while I ate fries and played with my doll. Before we left, she exchanged numbers with my mom and started a friendship.

They became really good friends. We would go to her house and visit her and her three kids (I had a small crush on her son even though I was a little girl, lol), have dinner, go to the park, they would even go out clubbing while my dad babysat us. They seemed really happy. Then one day she told my mom she was moving to California. My mom was devastated. One of her closest friends would be across the country. Even though she was hundreds of miles away, they always kept in touch.

Years later, my mom’s friend moved back to New York but only for a short while. After that, they moved to Puerto Rico. Several years later, she told my mom she wanted to see her because she was visiting her daughter in the Bronx and she would only be in New York for 2 days so we headed out to see her. When we got there, she was amazed at how much my sister and I have grown. She even stated that I was looking like a lady at only 13 years old. I admit, I was a bit over grown for my age.

A few hours later, her son comes in thru the door and I have to say I was a bit nervous because like I said before, I had a crush on him.  He popped his head into the living room and said hi to everyone. I was shocked. I could not believe that was the kid I had a crush on. I thought to myself, my, my he has grown into a really good looking guy – he was HOT (LOL).

Anyway, her son came in and started talking to everyone. We started talking and he tried to teach me how to play some board game. Before we left, my mom gave him our number. It was like she was trying to hook us up back then!  He’d call my house to talk and he would invite me to the movies but only as friends. I was too young to date.  We got to know each other and became very good friends but that was it.

After several months of hanging out, he went into the Army for a while and when he came back he moved back with his sister. The day before his birthday in 1990, he called me out of the blue and asked me if I was doing anything the following day. I said no and he said cool, then I’ll go pick you up and we can go to Playland to celebrate my birthday.

I was excited. I could not wait. The next day came and we ended up going to his friends house instead of going to Playland.  We stood at the house talking and laughing until it was time for me to go home. I had such a great time. He was very respectful and very kind – the perfect gentleman (still is). He took me home and the rest is history! 😉

We’ve been together ever since and it doesn’t feel like it’s been 20 years.  I’ll be honest, our relationship hasn’t been easy. There were lots of times I wanted to ring his neck and I’m sure he wanted to ring mine too but we got through those hurdles and we are learning from each other every day.  The key for us is definitely communication and compromise – without the two, there’s nothing.

**Ok so, remember that day he came in and said hi in the living room? Well a few years later he admitted that he couldn’t wait to find out who that fine girl was (it was me *blushing*). I was in awe because he made my day when he told me.  I have loved him for so many years and I hope we have many more years together so I can love him some more. 😉

I love you Babe. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

I hope you enjoyed my love story.

Do you have a love story you’d like to share? I would LOVE to read about it.

PS. I’ll post some pics of us from “back in the days” next week for Wordless Wednesday 😉


  1. Great story. Never get tired of reading it. Que cumplan muchos más! 🙂

  2. That is a wonderful story… wish him a happy birthday & many more years of a wonderful marriage…
    Here my love story… lol =)
    Today Sept 3rd.. makes 11 yrs 9 mon Ive been with my man…. I remember that day like yesterday.. I was a single parent. I had just escaped the hell of the shelter life, got my own apt and started a job at the Wiz on Fordham Rd… As I walked through Poe park to pick up my 9 month old son from the sitter, I walked by these 2 guys who were hanging out on the bench, they hissed at me. I was not in the mood to stop and talk, it was late and I was previously in an abusive relationship so I didnt even want to think of MEN especially being hissed at like a cat. I didnt think so (with my attitude face) until I looked and WOAHH… I got nervous, he said hey beautiful.. I looked him in the eyes and continued to walk by. All I remember is he had a white GAP hat, jeans and white uptowns… chinky eyes and these marshmallow lips. I proceeded to walk with him on my mind the whole time while picking up my son. Excited, I tell my friend Samantha to hurry up, come with me and walk me to bus but we HAD to walk through park again. I tried to maintain composure on the way back to the park. I didnt know how to act, it had been so long since Id been with my sons father, then in an abusive relationship, I wasnt ready for another relationship yet; I didnt trust anyone. When I look he was gone, I started to sweat I looked around and there he was, walking in front of us towards Fordham. I was about to shout, then began to think to myself if I should. I was 19, a single parent, meaning I had a kid. Now ok who would want a girl with a baby. I got a change of heart and didnt want to call… then my mouth moved on own and screams…yoohooo… O greaattt.. the friend looks back and I say NOT YOU YOUR FRIEND… he taps his friend and now he looks back, and Im feeling sooo embarrassed like Did I just do that? They stop and they are now standing in front of Ortiz funeral home. I am nervous and we are approaching, I say hi introduce ourselves, then I ask for his number, he denies having one. I then say Ok walk in vegetable store that was still open get a brown bag, borrow a pen, write my number and handed it to him, as he looked at me like I was crazy. I said use it and dont make me waste me time. I then walked away with my friend to proceed home. He called 2 days later, he came over to my house with the same friend, I cooked, we watched movies as my son jumped around us. That was the beginning of the best time of my life… He stood around, its been rough but wonderful. We grew together and I wouldnt change a thing…
    So thanks for reading.. wink* =)

  3. Aww, what a beautiful love story! I hope you guys had a wonderful time celebrating his birthday yesterday. 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday ‘Mr. New York Chica’ LOL, You should send that story to Yankee Stadium, I’m sure they’d try to take credit for your love story! (And hopefully send you Season Tickets, hey we can dream right? LOL) 😉

  5. What a sweet story! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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