Three Graduations and A Wedding Anniversary

What a week it has been.

For the past few days, I’ve been trying to get things ready (clothes and necessities) for all of my kids graduations.

My son, my first-born, had his graduation last night.  Even though it felt like the longest graduation known ever, it was great to see his smiling face as he took his diploma from the principal on stage.

My son and I after the graduation.

All three kids are graduating this year and will be in  new schools. Wow, how times flies!

My kids are ecstatic to start on their new adventures this September.  My son will be in high school (OK, I’m NOT that old, right?).  My 11 year old daughter will be going to junior high school (OMG, how did that happen!). And lastly, my baby will be finally starting kindergarten (another OMG!).

My husband and I are thrilled and sad at the same time.  We’re proud that they are succeeding so far (hoping they continue on the right path) and doing well in school but we’re sad because it just confirms to us that they are no longer our babies – they’re really growing up.

In my heart, they will always be our babies, no matter what. They can be married and have kids of their own, they’ll be our babies forever.  That’s just the way things are, right?

And now for the anniversary part.

Today is my 14th wedding anniversary. It’s weird to say “wedding anniversary” because we never had a “real” wedding.  We eloped without anyone ever knowing until we were actually married.

That didn’t go too well with our loved ones…

My mom was upset because she wasn’t there to see her first child get married and  my mother-in-law was upset because her only son – her baby boy got married without her knowledge.

Oh well.

They got over it.  They had to. It was our decision and they had to respect that.

You see, we both decided that we didn’t want to be the center of attention and because we didn’t have the money, we just got up one day and decided to “do the deed”.  We were dating for 6 years so we both thought it was time.  And plus, I was pregnant (I bet you didn’t see that coming, huh? lol).

Anyway, I had this whole “love story” post to write but guess what?

That’s gonna have to wait (I’ve been told it’s a great love story so stay tuned!) because I’m exhausted (we got home late last night) and I have to get this house in order and figure out what to cook for dinner tonight. I want to cook something special since it’s a special day 😉

Circa 1995 – Strickland’s at the Poconos

So, any ideas for an anniversary dinner that kids will enjoy too?

P.S.  Happy anniversary Babe!! I love you!!


  1. Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats! What a busy school year for you. Did you do a lot of crying? I’m a big cry baby. I cry at all my kids graduations. Enjoy every moment, I know you will.

    • Surprisingly I didn’t cry BUT when I wrote this post, I did. 😉 It’s bittersweet, isn’t it? Thanks for commenting!

  2. I cant believe your son is in high school you look too young to have a boy in HS…seriously! … but what a handsome boy he is.

    And I cant wait to hear the love story!

  3. Oh DUH! and Happy Anniversary… Im so rude lol

  4. Wow a week! Congrats what a fantastic week!

  5. Awww Lisa, what a great post! Its always bittersweet right. Your babies will always be your babies no matter how old they get.

    Happy Anniversary again! Many many more! Los mejores deseos de mi a ti. And by the way, I’m looking forward to hearing that love story LOL !!!


  6. So cute! Congratulations on the 14th anniversary. Maybe your newly graduated sweetie will suprise both of you with a surprise wedding!

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