How Gain Dryer Sheets Saved Me During #Blogalicious11

Hurricane Irene came to the tri-state and left a huge mess everywhere, including my basement. My basement was flooded with two inches of water and left most of our possessions damp and smelly. And one of our possessions were our suitcases. I brought them upstairs to clean them and Febreze them like crazy. I let them air out for days and thought they were good to go. I packed my clothes for Blogalicious 2011 and was ready to go....or so I thought. The night I checked in, I took my clothes … [Read more...]

Just One More Day

That's it. Summer has come to an end. And just like that school is about to begin -- just one more day. What are we doing today? Getting everything ready to have a successful morning and rest of the week. Brand new clothes gave been washed (don't like kids wearing new clothes without laundering), bookbags are stocked with all the essentials and too much more (why do teachers ask for SO MUCH? wipes, dry erase markers, 12 glue sticks, 3 dozen pencils - are the kids supplying for the whole … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday: Love in 1995 (#linky)

Looking thru my old photos, I always come across a few here and there where I'm shocked about my clothes and/or hair. In this photo, I was having a bad hair day (thanks to humid, rainy weather) and I could care less. I had my love next to me and that is all that mattered. Enjoy! Question: Do you know where this photo was taken? Have a Wordless Wednesday Post? Link up your post below. I would love to see your photo! And don’t forget to visit these participants as well: The Domestic … [Read more...]

Win A Year’s Worth of Tide To Go and A $50 Gift Card

*CONTEST NOW CLOSED*Congratulations to Claudia N. You are New York Chica's newest winner! Can you feel the warm weather coming our way? It's finally Spring and I'm excited.  After waiting what seems like forever for Winter to go away, I can now enjoy the outdoors without a bulky coat. And as we all know, after Spring comes Summer so we must take full advantage of the season because we only have 92 days of warm, sunny days (well, technically in New York we do). With Summer comes white and … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – Always Ready

This is what my daughter does the night before she has school or when she knows we're going somewhere. She says she wants to make sure she has her clothes ready so she won't be late. People, she's 5!!!! Imagine when she's a teenager! For more Wordless Wednesday, please visit & Please join the fun and add your linky! … [Read more...]

My favorite mom saying won!

I couldn't believe when I received the email fromLeTop.  It said, "Congratulations on your recent win on your favorite mom sayings"  I was so excited! It was a secret Twitter - only contest and I decided to enter just for the fun of it.  I sent them what I usually say to my family.  I had no idea I would win although I was hoping to. I was so glad I entered. It all started several years ago when my son couldn't find something in the refrigerator.  I forgot what it was but I know it was … [Read more...]