How Gain Dryer Sheets Saved Me During #Blogalicious11

Hurricane Irene came to the tri-state and left a huge mess everywhere, including my basement. My basement was flooded with two inches of water and left most of our possessions damp and smelly. And one of our possessions were our suitcases. I brought them upstairs to clean them and Febreze them like crazy. I let them air out for days and thought they were good to go.

I packed my clothes for Blogalicious 2011 and was ready to go….or so I thought.

The night I checked in, I took my clothes out of the suitcase and to my disbelief, everything smelled like my basement!

I was crushed. After all that cleaning with disinfectant and febreze, the smell came back and ruined my freshly laundered clothes and practically my whole trip.

Lori, from Miss Lori (who by the way is one of the sweetest and coolest people I have ever met!) was my wonderful roommate and so she suggested I ask the Gain team to see if they can help me.

Gain Dryer Sheets

I took her advice, went down to the expo hall and told them about my crisis.

They were so wonderful and sweet. The only thing they could think of was to give me a box of Original Scented Gain fabric softener sheets and told me to fold them into my clothes and place them in a bag.

So I went upstairs to my hotel room and took all my clothes out of the suitcase and folded each and every piece of clothing with fabric sheets intertwined.

After I was done, I noticed I almost used the whole box of fabric sheets.  I took the bag into the bathroom and turned on the hot water to make steam. After 15 minutes, I turned off the hot water and left the bag in the bathroom for about an hour.

The next day when I checked on my clothes, I couldn’t believe what I smelled.  All I could smell was dryer sheets.  I even told Lori to give it the sniff test and she said it worked.

I was so glad it worked. Imagine walking around with mildew-smelling clothes all weekend! I would’ve died!

A HUGE thanks goes out to Gain for making my clothes and weekend smell great! You definitely saved me during my first Blogalicous conference! THANK YOU!

Here’s what I did:

Gain dryer sheetFirst, you need to lay your piece of clothing on a flat surface. Place a Gain dryer sheet on the bottom and again on top of the clothing.

Fold the clothing over the dryer sheet.

And repeat.

Gain fabric softener sheetsAfter you are done, place your nicely folded clothing in a bag and place it in a room where you can create steam. And voila! Your clothes are no longer icky-smelling.

Visit for more information on the latest products.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I was given a free box of dryer sheets from the Gain team at Blogalicious to help with my clothing crisis and it worked!


  1. So glad you found a creative solution. That was nice of them 🙂
    Nikki @ MommyFactor recently posted..ybf Lip Gloss Review & Gift Ideas

  2. All I had was the idea for you. You are the one who found the courage to go directly to the brand and seek help. Then your are the crafty social media chica who tweeted her way into, not only a solution, but a positive and organic relationship with a brand. That’s what this great World of social media relationships is all about, communication between Brand and consumer, with a social media influencer in between. I’m proud of you! I’m also really glad that you smell better. Just sayin’. 😉

    SMILE On!


  3. I know how upset you where 🙁 I am glad Gain came to the rescue!!! YAY!
    JendaLynne Photography recently posted..It’s the holiday’s already???? Hold the phone.

  4. That’s awesome. I can only imagine how you felt when you opened your suitcase and got a wiff of “basement”. That’s happened to me before, but thankfully I wasn’t on a trip. I’m glad everything turned out okay, and it didn’t ruin your trip.
    Kristine recently posted..Monday Grievances: The Sick Get Sicker

  5. I remember you telling me this I was like what a smart idea! It’s awesome that GAIN was able to help. BTW totally miss you wish we were hanging out soon we aren’t that far! ttys!
    Ruby recently posted..Mushroom Kingdom comes to life

  6. That’s so great that it worked for you. I love the smell of gain too.
    Angie B. recently posted..Winter Wonderland Giveaway event: I’m participating, you can too

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