Photobucket Has Screwed Up My Icons!

If you have your photos stored on, you know exactly what I'm talking about.  If you're lucky and are not having this issue, consider yourself lucky. You don't understand how this is affecting me.  It is taking me FOREVER to fix the HTML codes from Photobucket to my Flickr account. Why Photobucket? And now your site is working but my icons are no longer working. Wonderful! If you have my button on your site, I would really appreciate it if you upload my button again with … [Read more...]

Limited Time Only: Bambi Diamond Editionon Blu-ray | Review

Walt Disney Bambi is out of the vault but only for a limited time.  For the first time ever, the wonder, music and majesty of one of Walt Disney's greatest triumphs comes alive in glorious detail through the magic of Blu-ray high definition! Now Bambi, Walt Disney's beloved coming-of-age story, will thrill a new generation of fans with its breathtakingly beautiful animation, soaring music and characters who will touch your heart-Bambi, the wide-eyed fawn, his playful pal Thumper, the … [Read more...]

I’m a Sagittarius! WTF is an Ophiuchus?

(Just an FYI: WTF translates to "What the filth" LOL) Just in case you've been living under a rock, I wanted to let you all know that there's been a change in the zodiac sign chart. This past Thursday the internet was going berserk over the news about the zodiac sign change. When I first heard about it, I was dumbfounded. I didn't believe it til' I saw with my own eyes and than I saw it -- Instead of being a Sagittarius (Birthday is Dec 16th), I am now an OPHIUCHUS. WTF? I can't … [Read more...]

TODAY At Grand Central Terminal: Save The Children

SAVE THE CHILDREN, TOGETHER WITH EMMY AWARD WINNING ACTRESS CLAIRE DANES, ASKS NEW YORKERS TO HELP END AND PREVENT CHILD DEATHS. GRAND CENTRAL TERMINAL VANDERBILT HALL MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 2010 1:00 p.m. – PHOTO OPP WHAT: Around the world, a child dies every 3 seconds from a preventable disease and treatable causes due to lack of basic health care, which is the equivalent of 20 children every New York minute. On the first day of the United Nations Global Millennium Development … [Read more...]

The Secrets Of Chefs: What They’ll Never Tell You

As a mom of 3 very hungry children,  I often cook dinner almost every day of the week. It's more economical, I know exactly what I putting into every dish I make and the kids love a home-cooked meal, especially my husband.  But for me, time away from the kitchen is a blessing in disguise.   I don't have to worry about what to make, what time I should start dinner and the mess that is made after everything is done. I love to cook but the one thing I do not like is cleaning the kitchen after … [Read more...]

Easy Recipe: Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

When I cook, I rarely use a recipe. I cook how my mother and grandparents taught me.  A little bit of this, a little it of that and make sure you taste as you go along. Learning how to cook was fairly easy for me because I grew up in the kitchen with my family.  I was always fascinated how they would just add ingredients and rarely measure anything and it was the greatest meal ever.  That is how I cook today for my family. I'm like a Latina Rachael Ray because she doesn't measure either.  … [Read more...]

Shame On You Ben & Jerry’s!

Just when I thought I was gonna to start eating right, exercising and drinking lots of water, I discovered the best ice cream ever created in the world (ok, at least in my opinion). It's called Ben and Jerry's Peanut Brittle Ice Cream. It's so rich, creamy and divine. It has pieces of peanut brittle mixed in with a luscious caramel swirl that fits perfectly well with ice cream. It's even better in a sugar cone. Now how that's for dieting?? LOL Disclosure: I was not compensated by Ben … [Read more...]

Sunday’s Storm

Earlier today the tri-state area was issued a tornado warning. How crazy is that?! In New York? Yup! I know a few years ago there was a small tornado that hit a few houses several miles away so tornadoes are not a rare thing in New York, unfortunately. Anyway, before taking the video below, my husband and I were just chilling out on the sofa when suddenly we heard lots of rain & thunder.  So we looked outside and this is what we saw: Thunder Storm in NY from New York Chica on … [Read more...]

I’m Raising A Liar

Not by choice, that's for sure. It's my 13 year old. For some strange reason he feels the need to lie.  I have no idea why. My husband and I have told him numerous times that liars will go nowhere and will always get caught. What does he not understand?? For Gods sake, he's 13, not 3. I would think that by age 10 kids would know the difference between lying and telling the truth - not my son. No way! He's lied about his homework way too many times. Just yesterday, his Math … [Read more...]

To All The Moms Out There, Happy Mother’s Day

[Read more...]