Sunday’s Storm

Earlier today the tri-state area was issued a tornado warning. How crazy is that?! In New York? Yup! I know a few years ago there was a small tornado that hit a few houses several miles away so tornadoes are not a rare thing in New York, unfortunately. Anyway, before taking the video below, my husband and I were just chilling out on the sofa when suddenly we heard lots of rain & thunder.  So we looked outside and this is what we saw: Thunder Storm in NY from New York Chica on … [Read more...]

Wondering What To Do On New Year’s Eve in NYC & The Tri-State Area?

I never have to wonder what I'll do for New Year's Eve because I am a homebody. I like to stay home where it's nice and warm and I can wear my pajamas all day long until I see the daylight the next day on New Year's Day.  If there is ever a party at one of my friend's house or one of my family member's house, then maybe I'll reconsider but til' then, I'll stay home watching the ball drop with a glass of champagne and my honey next to me like I do every year. I think those are the moments that … [Read more...]