I’m Raising A Liar

Not by choice, that’s for sure.

It’s my 13 year old. For some strange reason he feels the need to lie.  I have no idea why. My husband and I have told him numerous times that liars will go nowhere and will always get caught.

What does he not understand??

For Gods sake, he’s 13, not 3.

I would think that by age 10 kids would know the difference between lying and telling the truth – not my son.

No way!

He’s lied about his homework way too many times. Just yesterday, his Math teacher called me and said that my son owed her 10 homework sheets.


I can’t believe he’s been lying to me about doing his homework.

He’s also lied about bothering/hitting his sisters, he’s lied about his chores (says he did his chores but of course he didn’t). He’s lied about combing his hair – like if I can’t see for myself that he’s lying.

What’s the deal?

I can’t help but be honest with the world and say I’m lost!

I’ve punished him by taking his playstation/xbox away, I’ve taken tv time away, I’ve given him extra chores and even sent him to bed without dinner.

It’s just too much for me at times. I have 2 other kids to deal with too.

Does anyone has suggestions as to what to do? I would love any and all suggestions and opinions.


  1. I’m going through the same thing with the 7 year old. Homework, brushing his teeth, cleaning up, all really dumb things. I too am at a loss.

  2. I would say try to spend alone time with him, a whole day if it is possible. While you are out with him talk to him but not in an angry way. If that doesn’t work tell Daddy to give it a try…

  3. I have a question – do you or your husband share stories of “when we were that age”? Your son may have heard some of these and decided to push some limits.

    When I was growing up, my mom would say “youth is wasted on the young” and tell us we needed to go everywhere, do everything. Then she turned around and wouldn’t let us stay in the park after dark! Is it surprising, sometimes we’d lie about where we were?

  4. I wonder if it’s a stage or maybe pushing his limits? I agree with Isolated Existence at that age maybe a one on one is better.Kind of talk to him as a grown up see if maybe something else is going on. My nephew is 16 now but that’s what I used to do with him when he had a problem. Of course I’m tia and not mami it does make a difference. Good luck and keep us posted!


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