Ramblings: Never Mess with a Woman’s Cooking!

When my husband and I first moved in together I didn't really know much about cooking.  I mean, I watched my grandparents and mom cook all these delectable and traditional Puerto Rican dishes so it wasn't like I didn't know how to cook,  I just never really actually prepared a meal before. Before I cooked my very first meal, I did what any smart person would do.  I called my mom. Me: Ma, what is your secret?  What makes your food taste so good?  (It's not cheating if you ask your mom right? … [Read more...]

Ramblings: I Threw My Kids Out on My Birthday

You may think I'm the worst mom in the whole wide world but after you read this, you'll (hopefully) understand. Yesterday was my birthday and my husband took the day off to spend my birthday with me. We didn't plan anything special -- just breakfast at the local diner or lunch at Red Robin. We agreed that we'll go with the flow. The night before, he said that he'd take care of the kids in the morning so I could sleep in and I immediately had a grin from ear to ear. I don't know about … [Read more...]

Top 5 Annoying Things My Husband Says…

I've been married to my lovely husband for 14+ years and I'm still madly in love with him.  I also still find him attractive but that doesn't mean I don't get annoyed by some of the things he says. Here's what he says that drives me bananas: 1. Where's the remote? -- Maybe if you would get off your ass, you'd find it. Most of the time he's sitting on it. 2. I can't find it! -- Well if you look right, you'll find it. It's not gonna pop out and say here I am! 3. What's for dinner? -- … [Read more...]

Mom Ramblings: Motherhood And Blogging Are A Lot Like Oil And Water

It's true. When comparing motherhood and blogging, oil and water comes to mind. Sometimes it's so hard for me to mix the two. Somewhere along the line I have to find balance but motherhood usually wins. I have three children, I can't help it. I'm a mom first, then a blogger -- the way is should be, right? This summer has been extremely busy and full of swimming lessons and camp a few days a week for my younger two.  So when there are no lessons or camp and the weather is way too hot to … [Read more...]