Mom Ramblings: Motherhood And Blogging Are A Lot Like Oil And Water

It’s true.

When comparing motherhood and blogging, oil and water comes to mind.

Sometimes it’s so hard for me to mix the two. Somewhere along the line I have to find balance but motherhood usually wins. I have three children, I can’t help it. I’m a mom first, then a blogger — the way is should be, right?

This summer has been extremely busy and full of swimming lessons and camp a few days a week for my younger two.  So when there are no lessons or camp and the weather is way too hot to do anything outdoors, we tend to stay home where we luckily have central a/c.  But this summer has been a scorcher so when we’re home, I go stir crazy.


They bicker and bother each other and they are just like wild animals basically. That probably sounds terrible but that is the only word that sums up their behavior.

Thank goodness school is right around the corner and they’ll get back to a normal schedule.

I really believe that every child needs a schedule or they will go stir crazy too.

So what was your summer like? Please share your stories. I would love to read them.


  1. I hear you! Jay’s not old enough to go to school yet but it’s been hard balancing the blog, school, work and keeping both boys (yup hubby too!!)busy on the weekends. I’m pooped!

  2. I know exactly how you feel!

  3. I agree 100%. Motherhood comes first and is sometimes conflicting for a blogger. But on the bright side of things, motherhood gives for lots to write about! Lol

    For me, the summer has been work work work. Our family vacation is coming up around the corner. Just in time before school begins of course, better late than never right?


  4. I really think that the school schedule keeps everyone on track and sane. My mom/wife life runs ways smoother during school. I notice my toddler behaves like an angel when big sisters are away at school. WIN WIN!

  5. It’s definately hard trying to balance it all. My little one doesn’t go to school yet but starting in September she’s in daycare while I work full-time. I’m also now registered back to school so in Sept. will be taking 3 classes. I’m about ready to have a nervous breakdown thinking about how I’m going to juggle work, school, blog, my daughter, and any other daily tasks. So if you come up with ahy tips pass them my way!! 😉

  6. clenna in NH says:

    Im a grammy who babysits my grandkids a lot. I love it.
    I love the summer with the kids. But I’m sure their mother would enjoy some quiet time as she is exhausted from running after them.

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