Planning For Our Thanksgiving Feast

Hey everyone. You know this is the very first year I have not one item for our Thanksgiving feast? Usually I have some of the Thanksgiving essentials weeks before but this year is different. I'm too busy.  I'm too tired. And I'm too "unscheduled" (is that even a word? lol) as of yet.  I haven't found the right balance of working, blogging and motherhood but I'm hopeful. I know I will soon find it. But right now it's time for me to get down and dirty and figure out what our … [Read more...]

How to make Flan | The Easiest recipe EVER!

Allow me to be honest here. I used to HATE Flan with a passion.  It was either too eggy (yuk, I hate that texture) or too "wet & slimy" - yes that is possible. I avoided Flan like the plague...seriously. UNTIL, an old co-worker of mine taught me how to make Flan - nice, rich and creamy. It is so easy.  Here's what you need: Blender Cake pan or a pan large enough to hold the flan A large pan to hold water - Baño de María or Bain marie 1-Can of Condensed Milk 1-Can of … [Read more...]