Planning For Our Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving turkey

Hey everyone.

You know this is the very first year I have not one item for our Thanksgiving feast?

Usually I have some of the Thanksgiving essentials weeks before but this year is different.

I’m too busy.  I’m too tired. And I’m too “unscheduled” (is that even a word? lol) as of yet.  I haven’t found the right balance of working, blogging and motherhood but I’m hopeful. I know I will soon find it.

But right now it’s time for me to get down and dirty and figure out what our Thanksgiving meal will look like.

So I’m here writing a grocery list and looking thru my old blog posts (which I linked for your viewing pleasure) for some inspiration.

At first, we were thinking of making a pernil (pork shoulder) in addition to the star of the feast, turkey, but I think that may be too much protein (and too much damn work!).  So this year we’ll be having an American Thanksgiving meal with a Latin twist thrown in.

What about you? What are you having? Are you staying in and cooking for hours or are you one of the lucky ones who are visiting relatives and bringing one dish?

Here’s some of our “deliciousness”:

1. Sausage Stuffing

2. Flan Cheesecake (this one is a maybe)

3. Garlic Gravy

4. Turkey (this year we’ll season it like a pernil, lol)

5. Mashed Rutabaga

6. Mashed Potatoes

7. Potato salad (yes, we love our potatoes!)

8. Garlicky green beans (with possibly slithered almonds and dried cranberries)

9. Corn

10. Arroz con gandules (rice & pigeon peas)

11. And whatever dessert my sister is bringing.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and may God bless you all!


  1. You are so not alone. I don’t really have my Turkey Day menu planned and I haven’t done a lick of shopping for the meal.

    I really need to get it done ASAP. Luckily I’m not cooking for a crowd.

  2. Thank goodness we are going home where everyone else cooks lol Have a Happy Thanksgiving love:)
    jendalynne photography recently posted..Red Bricks & Babies | Stone Family

  3. So I have the Turkey in my freezer that is about it. I better get hopping. We are a bunch of procrastinators in my family. Your menu does sound yummy. Can I come over. He he. I guess in the end all that hard work is worth it. You get to be with your family and enjoy each other. I do love the latin twist. I am pretty sure I will end up putting some spice on the turkey.

  4. Your Hubby says:

    I can’t wait!!!

  5. Alessandra says:

    Hi chica, please post your recipe for rice and gandulla. Thank you in advance. BTW, trying your recipe for pepper steak.

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