{Review} Enjoying the Summer with Suddenly Salad

Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills through MyBlogSpark. During the colder months, I tend to stay away from salads. I prefer hot, hearty meals in the winter to keep me warm and toasty.......but isn't that the norm with everyone? In the summer, I’m all about salads and smoothies. It’s easy for me to maintain my weight in the summer because I’m not indulging in all of those carbs for dinner. ;) Recently, I received an email from MyBlogSpark to try … [Read more...]

“Family Flick Night” Gift Pack Giveaway

How does going to the movies for FREE sound to you? Sounds good, uh? I don't know about you but I don't remember the last time my family and I went to the movies. Number one reason: It's quite expensive, especially when there's five people going.  Between the movie tickets, popcorn, drinks for everyone AND candy, the price of a movie outing can easily cost approximately $60 (depending where you live). You know for $60, you can buy a few bags of groceries, right?  That is exactly why I … [Read more...]

MyBlogSpark and General Mills Sweet and Salty Review & Giveaway

My family and I love our snacks.  After dinner, we like to have a sweet or salty snack to calm the savage beast within us (LOL).  We can't help it. It's that time to relax, watch some TV and enjoy each other's company.  But there are times when we have nothing to snack on so I'll drive to our local convenience store to get some much needed grub. When I'm at the store, I tend to browse all the aisles looking for that perfect snack, especially when I'm alone.  Either I'm looking for something … [Read more...]

Olay Total Effects Body Wash – Review & Giveaway

Ever since I was a little girl, mi abuela (my grandma) always told me to make sure I use moisturizer everyday and to protect my skin when I'm outdoors with sunscreen. She should know, her skin is phenomenal - so soft and young looking considering she is in her 70's. When I was a teenager, I caught my dad applying my mom's Oil of Olay face lotion. I laughed because I told him that was for women. He stated it's face moisturizer with hardly any scent so it's perfect for men too - you should … [Read more...]

General Mills Cereals | Review

Thanks to General Mills for allowing MyBlogSpark for sending me 4 VIP coupons for free boxes of cereals to help my family get in the habit of eating the most important meal of the day – breakfast.  My kids and I went shopping for a few staples like milk, bread, eggs and of course some cereals. I told each of my kids that they can choose one cereal that had the General Mills brand on the box and this is what they chose: Cookie Crisp Honey Nut Cheerios Reese’s Puffs I chose my all-time … [Read more...]

Progresso® High Fiber Soup | Review & Giveaway

Full Disclosure: I received the soup, information and the prize pack you see below from MyBlogSpark and Progresso. No other compensation was given. I recently had a yummy and nutritious opportunity to try out Progresso’s New High Fiber Homestyle Minestrone Soup.  I’ve always been a soup lover, especially in the cold, winter months.  I don't know about you but for me it’s nice to sit down with a bowl of hot soup and a side of crackers to dip in the soup when it’s cold outside.  It makes me … [Read more...]