{Recipe} Creamy Key Lime Chicken Enchiladas with Yoplait Greek 100 Yogurt

Guest post written by the lovely Rachel White from TheDigitalLatina. With New York Fashion Week in full swing this week, Yoplait Greek 100 invited me to an exclusive media style sessions event at New York’s Stone Rose Lounge. The event was marvelous; lots of fashionable and trendy individuals graced the floor.  I joined the lovely ladies at the yogurt & accessories bar, where I sampled all of the flavors ofthe delicious  100-calorie strained Greek yogurt, including the NEW flavors, … [Read more...]

Ramblings: An Update on Life…

Where do I even start? My mind is going a mile a second and I can't even get my thoughts processed correctly these days.  It's been almost nine months since I started working full time and I've got to be honest, it's been difficult for me.  On top of my thyroid condition (I HATE it!), being anemic and feeling tired all the time - it's hard for me!  It's especially difficult knowing that my kids won't have much of a summer because both parents are working full time, five days a week, to get … [Read more...]