The Dirty Dancing® 25th Anniversary Celebration ~ Hosted by Skinny Cow® Productions

Movie making has changed dramatically over the past few decades. Now, many individuals have the option to choose movie theaters that have surround sound and 3D effects and also purchase Blue Ray DVD's. All of these advanced technology for movie viewing is great, but sometimes I enjoy watching a movie the way I did growing up -- the classic way. One of my ultimate favorite classic movie is Dirty Dancing®. I've watched the movie Dirty Dancing® numerous times, and even bought the soundtrack … [Read more...]

UGG VIP Grand Opening Party with VOGUE

The weather man's forecast predicts a ferociously cold day and I have no fear. Want to know why? My UGG boots have me covered.  I'm always one step ahead in my warm UGG accessories like the Cardy Earmuffs and Cable Leg Warmers along with a pair of my UGG Classic boots. Or maybe you just want to dedicate your day to lounging and relaxing. Leave it up to a comfy pair of UGG Dakotas to help you get into the relaxation zone. Every step you take is like walking on clouds.  You can conquer your … [Read more...]