Tide Acti-Lift Presents The Premiere of “Ramona And Beezus”

(Note: Post is long with photos & video so please make sure to check those out! Thanks.) Waking up at 6 am is something I usually don't like doing in the summer. I'm a wahm (p/t)  so the summer days for us are also lazy days. We go to sleep late from watching TV, movies or playing games and usually the kids are sleeping til 9am. This past Tuesday was exceptionally different. Several days ago I received an invitation from a representative of Tide detergent about the upcoming advanced … [Read more...]

Wordful Wednesday ~ Meet & Greet With Selena Gomez & Joey King at Madison Square Park {linky}

It was all about my girls yesterday at Madison Square Park.  They had a once-in-a-lifetime experience they will never forget.  They both met two of their favorite actresses: Selena Gomez & Joey King. Both photos above "almost" didn't happen. Read on to find out what happened. The first one with Selena: I respectfully asked one of the bodyguards if I can take a pic of my girls with Selena, he replied back with a firm no but seconds later, Selena decided to say c'mon girls, and I took the … [Read more...]