Slight Changes Here

Please excuse the look of my site. There was an error on the other theme (no more free themes for me!) and coding issues. I hope you don't mind the changes and enjoy New York Chica's new look. Thanks for visiting! Photo credit … [Read more...]

Excuse My Blog While I Get Things Fixed

As you can see, my blog has changed -- just a tad. I decided on buying a new theme because I was told my site was too slow to load and things didn't look so good. So I went ahead and bought the Headway Theme. Why did I choose Headway over Thesis (heard so much about this theme)? I saw that Headway was much easier to tweak and mess around with because of its point, click and drag option with a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) format. I'm not an HTML or CSS expert at all. I know … [Read more...]