{Update} Thankful for Disney Social Media Moms Celebration in 2011 #DisneySMMoms

(This is an update from this post from last week.) After reading so many heartbreaking posts about not being chosen for the 2011 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration in Disney World and how Disney was not fair with the selection process,  I decided to continue my story. I was already mentally preparing myself for the news that lots of other bloggers were receiving so I decided not to check my emails so obsessively like I've been for the past 24 hours.  Reason being -- I had not received … [Read more...]

Shout-Out Sunday – 11/28

HAPPY SUNDAY EVERYONE! There’s a new trend here at New York Chica where I give a special Shout-Out to those bloggers who had a great post (at least I think so ) for the week. I wanted to show my readers that there are plenty of great writers/bloggers out in the blogosphere and giving props to fellow bloggers is a great way to give back to the blogging community. Since I started blogging in 2006 (2008 publicly), I’ve met so many good, sincere and accomplished bloggers like … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

By now, everyone has eaten their Thanksgiving meal and are probably comatose like my husband. I was almost there but I fought it.  Anyway, I wanted to stop and take some time to tell everyone what I'm thankful for this year (in no particular order) This year I'm thankful... For my family - You love and support me unconditionally and are there for me when I need someone to talk to or a shoulder to lean on. For my friends - Both real and virtual.  Thank you for being you.  And because of … [Read more...]

Shout-Out Sunday – 9/12

If you want to know more about why Shout-Out Sunday was created, than click HERE. In the mean time, click on the links and enjoy the picks of the week. (not in any particular order) This mama is definitely thankful for many things. Maybe this mom needs some time away to relax. She needs it. She inspires many people including me. Loved this post!! Like mother, like daughter -- vlog-style! Saying goodbye to the summer is never easy but when you celebrate like this, than it … [Read more...]

My Frown is Now Upside Down!

Thanks to my dear friend, Mariana, whom I've only known for a short time but who is dear to my heart has took (almost) a full day (I can't tell you how appreciative I am of you for doing this) to fix a MAJOR problem on my site for me. Apparently, my site was hacked because I never updated my Wordpress account (don't ever let this happen people!) and my password was the same for 2 years (a huge no-no!).  It also messed up my Feedburner email updates so no one was getting my blog updates.  It … [Read more...]

I’ve been feeling under the weather.

I haven't been feeling too well. That is why I haven't been posting on my blog.  I think it's just a cold with a sore throat and nasty non-stop cough that keeps me up at night.  I've been a walking zombie during the day because of it too. I also wanted to let my readers know that I did call the lady to thank her and I was relieved I did.  She sounded so sweet and nice.  She was also glad that I called her to let her know I received it.  We didn't talk very much but I did ask her if Snapfish … [Read more...]

Thursday Thirteen – Happy Thanksgiving!

Here are the 13 reasons why I'm thankful this year on Thanksgiving. My healthy family - Even with the economy suffering, I'm happy to know I have my family here with me. Our home - I'm thankful it keeps us safe, warm and together. Friends - I'm thankful for my blogger friends and of course my real life friends. Pumpkin Pie - I love anything pumpkin but pie is my all-time fave. Stuffing - What is Thanksgiving without stuffing? Time - I get to spend quality time with my loved … [Read more...]