31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge – Day 2

Today's challenge is: Day 2: Make A List Post When it comes to blogging, I'm not much of a "list-poster".  I make lists (like shopping lists) but not all the time.  However, I've done a few list posts in the past but I only found one.  I had to look through my old blog archives to find it. It was a post that Jerry Springer inspired me to write.  I know, I know, that show is trash TV but believe me, I'm not the one that records it (hubby does). If it were up to me, I wouldn't see … [Read more...]

31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge – Day 1

I've been blogging off and on since 2006 but I've been consistent for the past two years and what a journey it has been. I never thought I would meet other bloggers or even go to events in my favorite city, New York City. When I first started out, it was meant to be "an online journal."  Something to keep me from going "insane." Staying home with kids is not an easy thing to do so writing brought me my sanity, so to speak. I still have my first blog up and running over at Blogspot.  If you … [Read more...]