Happy Valentine’s Day!

Guess what? My husband and I are NOT celebrating Valentine's Day.  It's not a shocker right? Most people believe the "holiday" is commercially exaggerated and I agree, although my husband and I have celebrated in the past (this year is all about our girls).  It's a day of love (according to Cupid) but if you've been married for 15 years like us, showing love to your loved ones everyday of the year means much more than just showing love for one day. Agree? ;) Well even if you don't agree, I … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – Hollywood Blvd. Girls (linky)

Thanks to Lee, I was able to walk around Hollywood Blvd. during our last night in California with a group of some great women. I got to know some of the girls a little bit better and we had a blast. I'm hoping and praying for another weekend with the same girls all over again. ;) Enjoy the photo and if you’ve got a Wordless Wednesday, come link your post! Happy Wednesday! … [Read more...]