Easy Recipe: Cinnamon Roll Pancakes (Sabroso Saturday)

I love breakfast foods but when it comes to making breakfast, I rather stay in my warm, cozy bed until my back tells me to get out of bed.  Usually my husband takes over the breakfast-making duty on the weekends since I make him breakfast and lunch during the week.  For me, it's a win-win situation.  The weekend is my time to sleep in so the last thing I want to do is to wake up early and start cooking in the kitchen. No way, not me.  Give me my coffee and let me be for a couple of hours. Is … [Read more...]

Easy Recipe: Puerto Rican-Styled Pepper Steak

Thank goodness the holidays are over and done with.  Aren't you glad? I'm so over Christmas, the tree, the lights, the food (well almost) and all the gifts.  All the hoopla is now gone from my system.  Now it's time to concentrate on something I haven't done in a few weeks and that is to post my succulent recipes. I know you all have been waiting. ;) Last night I made one of my family's favorite dish -- Puerto Rican-Styled Pepper Steak.  It's an easy recipe that I created with the help of my … [Read more...]

Easy Recipe: Festive Snickerdoodle Cookie & Cocktail Recipe

Cinnamon is one of my favorite spices of all.  If it contains cinnamon, I'll try it.  I add cinnamon to almost anything with sugar. I add it to my coffee, pancake batter, teas, cornbread, cakes, ice cream and even hot chocolate.  The smell is divine and so is the color. You know my living room walls were painted a cinnamon color because the name of the color was, you guess it, cinnamon.  My husband says I'm obsessed but it's ok. I can live with that. At least its good for you. ;) I found … [Read more...]