Bills, Bills, Bills.

Everyone has them, right?  Do we like them?  No way!  I know I hate bills but it's a part of life, whether we like it or not.  We all have our month to month bills like electricity, cable (most people), phone, rent/mortgage, etc. and there are many people that have credit card debt too.  Unfortunately, I am one of those people.  I don't want to put my financial business out in the web but my husband and I owe quite a few. Sometimes we try to pay more than the minimum but sometimes it's hard to … [Read more...]

Are you struggling with bills?

If you are, then I found a great site for you.  It's called ACA-4-Help.  It's a company that helps you stop debt in its tracks and helps you live your life without any financial worries. If you're tired of having creditors call your home and you want peace of mind, then ACA Debt Settlement Program can help you. They work diligently to negotiate a reduced amount less than what you currently owe.  The best part if they do all the work for you.  You can even sign up online or call their 800 … [Read more...]

Which credit cards are right for you?

Nowadays, Americans have at least one credit card or a couple of credit cards.  In order to get a good rate for a car loan or even a mortgage, you have to build up your credit first.  So when I'm in need of a credit card with a low interest rate, I usually shop around the internet for one that suits my needs.  I don't like when a credit card charges a fee; I like a free card with a low interest rate because  I usually don't pay the whole balance the following month.  So when it's time to search … [Read more...]