Regal’s Free Family Film Festival

Every year since 1991, the free film festival at Regal Cinemas has been a huge hit for families during the summer. Last year I wrote about the free movie program at participating Regal Cinemas and I'm thrilled to know that they are having it again this year. During this summer, every Tuesday and Wednesday, Regal Cinemas will be featuring a movie that was once on the big screen for the low, low price of FREE! ;) Who doesn't love anything free?? I know I'll be participating in this … [Read more...]

Are you struggling with bills?

If you are, then I found a great site for you.  It's called ACA-4-Help.  It's a company that helps you stop debt in its tracks and helps you live your life without any financial worries. If you're tired of having creditors call your home and you want peace of mind, then ACA Debt Settlement Program can help you. They work diligently to negotiate a reduced amount less than what you currently owe.  The best part if they do all the work for you.  You can even sign up online or call their 800 … [Read more...]