Bills, Bills, Bills.

Everyone has them, right?  Do we like them?  No way!  I know I hate bills but it’s a part of life, whether we like it or not.  We all have our month to month bills like electricity, cable (most people), phone, rent/mortgage, etc. and there are many people that have credit card debt too.  Unfortunately, I am one of those people.  I don’t want to put my financial business out in the web but my husband and I owe quite a few. Sometimes we try to pay more than the minimum but sometimes it’s hard to do that especially with one income.  That is why I’m in the process of finding a job to help pay the bills, save money for our future and get out of debt at the same time.

Even though I know getting a job will help us financially, sometimes getting a job or even a second job is not always the answer.  There are other ways to consolidate debt. You can apply for a loan to consolidate all your credit cards bills into one bill or you can even contact a credit counselor and have them help you through every step.  I would advise for people to get credit counseling to figure out their best options.  With a credit counselor, they can either sit down with you or even talk you through it by phone.  They collect all of your information (debt info.), contact your creditors and minimize your debt into one payment.  You can even have your interest rate lowered by these counselors.

How convenient is that?

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