Which credit cards are right for you?

Nowadays, Americans have at least one credit card or a couple of credit cards.  In order to get a good rate for a car loan or even a mortgage, you have to build up your credit first.  So when I’m in need of a credit card with a low interest rate, I usually shop around the internet for one that suits my needs.  I don’t like when a credit card charges a fee; I like a free card with a low interest rate because  I usually don’t pay the whole balance the following month.  So when it’s time to search for a great deal on a credit card, I do my research first.

I found athis great site called the Credit Cards Club.  They have every credit card you can think of with the best deals.  If you’re looking for a credit card with cash back, they have them.  If you’re looking for a credit card with no interest for a year for balance transfers, they’ve got them.  If you tend to travel often, they even offer credit cards that give you airline rewards for free air fare.  So if you ask me, you can’t lose.  The best part of the site is that you can compare different cards all in one site.  You don’t have to search the net and try to find one that suits your needs.  They have it all.  They even offer bank cards too, such as Citibank or Chase. 

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