How Fun Are You? Keurig Wants to Know! | Plus, Enter To Win A Keurig Brewer! #YourPerfectCup

I’ve been told by my seven year old that I’m a “Fun Mom.”  I can’t help but ask her if she thinks I’m fun when I send her to her room to clean it or when I tell her we can have breakfast for dinner.  Needless to say, she disagrees with her own statement when I mention her room.  I don’t quite see myself as a “Fun Mom” as often as I should.  I guess it’s because I have too much on my mind, like say, REALITY — bills, chores, cooking, cleaning — all that good stuff us moms go through.

The meaning of fun, in my opinion, is going on vacation to a place where I can sit by the beach and drink mojitos and not have a care in the world.

Now that’s fun!


The Original Donut Shop coffee line now has a new flavor coming out next month and I was one of the few who got to try it first-hand.  It’s called Coconut Mocha. Just imagine the flavors of a rich chocolate donut, topped with flaky coconut, dipped into your favorite mug of coffee.  Or even an Almond Joy without the almonds.  That is exactly what the new Coconut Mocha coffee tastes like.  It’s like a rich and decadent dessert with virtually no calories (well, without the cream and the sugar, that is!).  The warmer days are close-by and I’m sure the Coconut Mocha would be divine over ice too.  You know I love my iced coffee too!



One lucky New York Chica reader will win a brand new Keurig Brewer PLUS one box of the new flavored Donut Shop’s K-Cup portion packs, Coconut Mocha.

donut shop coconut mocha


Entering this contest is extremely easy. Just follow the steps below:

  • Answer the quiz below – where it says BEGIN.
  • Share your results on Facebook when the pop-up appears.
  • Come back to this post and leave a comment with your results (& to let me know you entered).


Tweet this:

 I just entered to win a @Keurig Brewer from @newyorkchica & @DonutShopCoffee #YourPerfectCup #giveaway Ends 4/22

***After you click on “SHARE YOUR RESULTS”, don’t forget to click on the “SHARE LINK” button.***


[iframe src=”” width=”800″ height=”812″]

That’s it!

As for my results, I’m somewhat fun. I’ll take it! Now let me go drink another mug of Coconut Mocha for some warm, chocolatey fun!


Visit The Original Donut Shop™ Coffee on Facebook  and Twitter (@DonutShopCoffee). Follow the ambassadors on twitter by following the hashtag #YourPerfectCup for updated news, posts and giveaways!

Giveaway ends April 22, 2012 at Midnight. For giveaway rules, visit this page.

Disclosure: I am a proud K-Cup Ambassador. This post and prize is sponsored on behalf of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc., Keurig & Your Perfect Cup. I have an on-going relationship with Keurig/Green Mountain Coffee. All opinions expressed here are always my own.


  1. I was Super Fun! Left a comment on FB (Priceless Writers)

  2. I was somewhat fun!
    Kurlylicious recently posted..My 200th Post!

  3. I tweeted to @TheRealMrsLong
    Kurlylicious recently posted..My 200th Post!

  4. I am only a little bit fun!

  5. I entered! I’m somewhat fun! 🙂

  6. Lavonne Yates says:

    I need more fun in my life! lol Is that not true!

  7. Lavonne Yates says:
  8. I took the quiz and am “somewhat fun” but I got an error message when I attempted to share my results on FB. I also tweeted my entry @ichoosethesun
    ichoosethesun recently posted..What to do? What to do? 5 Exciting Cherry Blossom Events!

  9. I got ‘Somewhat Fun’ when I took the quiz and I shared it on FB.

  10. I also tweeted here ya go:

  11. I entered! I’m somewhat fun! 😉 I also tweeted via @prettybrownajae

  12. I’m somewhat fun. Took the quiz and shared on FB.

  13. I posted on Facebook. Mine said I was “Somewhat Fun”. Looks like I need that Keurig to try the Donut Shop Coffee! 😉 haha Thanks for the contest. Hope I win!

  14. I’m SOMEWHAT fun. Hey, that’s not too bad right LOL

  15. Apparently I’m only somewhat fun haha. Which means there is room for improvement.
    Shared on FB:
    Alexandra recently posted..He Wasn’t Meant to Marry

  16. I’m somewhat fun? Better have a nice cuppa and try again!

  17. I also tweeted as @MariaAmelia3. 🙂
    Maria Amelia Bazdekis recently posted..Woody Allen Music

  18. I entered. That was fun.
    Eva Smith of Tech.Food.Life. recently posted..Mexican Chicken Soup | Caldo de Pollo recipe

  19. Cool giveaway, love coffee to very curious to see what this taste like. My results were some what fun…def need more fun in my life!
    Cid recently posted..Want It Wednesday: Macbook

  20. I´m super fun!!! I knew it!!!! lol BTW, this giveaway is perfect for my husband! He is addicted to coffee and he is a donut monster!!

  21. I entered said “somewhat fun” ja, ja
    Lilian Hurn – Súper Baratísimo o Gratis recently posted..Cupón de alto valor para mermeladas Smucker’s

  22. here my tweet!/Superbaratisimo/status/185785737898246147
    Lilian Hurn – Súper Baratísimo o Gratis recently posted..Cupón de alto valor para mermeladas Smucker’s

  23. carolyn g says:

    It said I was “Somewhat Fun” – I think the test is flawed! LOL

  24. I’m somewhat fun! I shared on FB.
    Isolated Existence recently posted..Spanish Friday – Barato!

  25. I am super fun. Although my kids don’t really think so. But I take Burlesque classes & perform on stage – that’s fun, right?! Shared on Facebook & tweeted:!/Inelegant_Life/status/186285913209438208
    Inelegant_Life recently posted..I Bet You CAN Lose Weight: 4% in 28 days

  26. Stephanie says:

    I got “Somewhat Fun”…. I guess I better win some Coconut Mocha disks to make me super fun….and cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Terri P. says:

    I took the test and found out I’m Somewhat Fun!

  28. Terri P. says:
  29. Lisa Soto says:

    I entered to win the Keurig brewer. I am somewhat fun 🙂

  30. Karen Lynch says:

    I am somewhat fun

  31. I’m somewhat fun.
    Michelle recently posted..Sunny Monday

  32. I tweeted about the contest.!/CountryChicDiva/status/187016613835444224
    Michelle recently posted..Sunny Monday

  33. I am a little bit fun!
    Diane Hidey recently posted..Light It Up BLUE for Autism! 4/2

  34. apparently I’m somewhat fun.
    Zippy Sandler recently posted..Shopping List: April

  35. Robalina says:

    I took the quiz and I am Somewhat fun!! lol So true

  36. I am kinda fun..LOL


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