Just One More Day

Today is officially my children’s last day of summer. Believe it or not, I still have some last minute things to buy on their school lists and I also have to buy my older two a few more outfits (I bought my 5 y/o her school clothes back in January at a tremendous deal). There’s nothing worse than being a last-minute mommy.

My kids have been very excited for weeks about their first day of school which is tomorrow. They’re even more excited because they’re all going to be attending new schools. My son will be starting high school in a new school (scary!), my 11 year old daughter will be starting junior high school (how did that happen?) and my baby girl will be going to kindergarten (what happened to my baby?). All of my babies will be starting on their own new adventure.

I’m excited as well but sad at the same time. Time goes by so quickly that one day they’re in your arms and the next they are starting high school — just like that. In a blink of an eye, they are becoming independent in their own little way and I must remember to guide them in the right direction to be successful, respectful individuals.

That’s a mother’s job, right?

I’m sure they’ll do fine but I’m a big worry wart. I want them to do well in their new schools like any mother out there would want so here’s hoping they’ll be ok.

Have your child/ren started school yet? Share your story to help me feel better ;-). I would love to read your adventure.

(I wrote this on my iPod Touch using wordpress app & I love it. It’s so easy!)


  1. I know the feeling, Chica. My daughter is going to the 4th grade, she just turned nine this past Sunday & my son starts Kindergarten. I can’t believe how fast time goes by. I know she’ll be fine, my boy on the other hand says that boys don’t go to school, only girls. He says that because he would come back home with me when we dropped off his sister. Tomorrow is going to be fun!!! I will be dizzy because my daughter is in school til 2:30, but he has 1/2 day, so I’ll be running back & forth. Good luck to your kids!!!!

  2. How exciting and but scary at the same time. I know exactly how you feel. Babyboy starts preschool Fall 2010 and I am researching where to put him AND moving him into his big boy room. Time flies!

  3. Don’t worry girl. I feel the same way. I just want her to be her best and for me to get nothing but good news. Here is to a great and wonderful year for our children! May they succeed beyond the limits.

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