Happy Father’s Day To All The Dads & Single Mamas

To my dad, my papi, you are always in my thoughts and my heart. I think about the times you spent with me guiding me and filling my mind with your wisdom. You were always thoughtful, caring and a very loving father. Even after the divorce, you never let that get in the way of your love for us.  You made sure to see my sister and I every week.  You never once not kiss or hug me. You taught me how a father should be. I’m so glad and very fortunate I got to spend 19 beautiful years with you. May you rest in peace, Pa. I love you.

To my husband, my love of my life, thank you for always being so supportive, caring and loving to our 3 wonderful children (& me 😉). Even though you grew up without a father, you have a done an incredible job being a great father to our kids. The love you give to them is unbelievable. You are constantly giving them hugs and kisses and you pour your heart out to them and for that I’m forever grateful.  You tell them you love them each and everyday.  They are very lucky to have a dad like you and I’m lucky to have such a wonderful husband. You deserve more than just a day so I hope today is a good one. Love ya!

To the rest of the dads and mamas, have an awesome day.  I hope your day is filled with love and happiness.


  1. Hope you enjoyed a happy Father’s Day

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