August 18, 1994

August 18, 1994. A day that came too quickly. A day I thought would be nothing special besides my cousin's birthday who lives in Florida. A day I will never forget because it's the day I lost my father.  My dad. My papi. A day that shocked my whole family and all who knew him. A day that will never be forgotten. A day that brings back memories of the day he handed me beneficiary papers just a few months before. A day I often wonder if he knew his "time" was near. A day … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – 16 Years Ago

My Dad left us 16 years ago.  It was his time to go to heaven.  I still miss him dearly and I know one day we we'll see each other again. R.I.P. Papi. Below is a collage I made with pictures I found in old photo albums. I wish I had a digital camera back then. The photos are so grainy. … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Papi!

Today's my Dad's birthday.  He would've been 56 years old.  Even though he is not here with me in real life, I feel he is with me in spirits.  He died 14 years ago, at the young age of 42, from complications with diabetes -  Just a week after we came back from our vacation from Florida.  It was a HUGE shocker to the whole family because he looked so healthy.  No one knew he was sick. He was always very thoughtful, lovable and a very caring person.  Everyone that knew him, loved him.  He was … [Read more...]