Kids do the funniest things.

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A weird thing happened to me

I received a package last night from Snapfish, supposedly.  Their name and their address was on the right top of the box.   At first, I thought it was another book hubby bought from Ebay and the person reused the Snapfish box but that wasn't the case.  Anyway, I opened the package and inside was a handwritten note, a Snapfish receipt with my information on it and a copy of the photobook I had made a few weeks ago.  I asked myself,  did I order another photobook without realizing it?  I know I … [Read more...]

Sunday Funnies

Today is "bumming out" day for all of us at home so I've got my favorite funny cartoon here to brighten up your day.  Hope you enjoy! … [Read more...]

Take a look at this!

Would you want to be friends with him???  For some strange reason, I thought of a shark when I saw that knife.  That is just crazy!  Seeing things like that makes me feel so grateful I live in America!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!! By the way, that happened in Bangkok.  Has anyone been there before?  I would to know. … [Read more...]