Disney’s Mars Needs Moms Blu-Ray +DVD Combo Set Giveaway

The film is about 9-year old Milo and his daring rescue mission to save his mom from Martians. He sets out on an adventure to bring her back home to earth after she’s kidnapped by Martians seeking mothers for their own planet. He joins forces with Gribble, a tech-savvy earthman, and Ki, a rebel Martian girl, to find his mother, even if he has to stow away on a spaceship, take on an entire alien nation, or worst of all, eat his broccoli. MARS NEEDS MOMS is a wonderful comedy adventure … [Read more...]

MVP #GenerationGo: My Favorite Kid-Friendly Recipe (& a $50 VISA Gift card Giveaway!)

If you missed last week’s post announcing my partnership with MVP Generation Go Program as one of their ambassadors, you can click HERE.  I wouldn’t want you to miss any of these posts! As a MVP Generation Go Ambassador and a mom of three, there’s a bunch of healthy recipes that I enjoy making for my family but I'll share one that is very special.  This week’s topic is all about healthy recipes and getting your kids involved in eating healthy. Having a daughter who is extremely picky, it’s … [Read more...]

Ramblings: Not Me.

There are people who are natural-born teachers, not me. There are people who love exercising, not me. There are people who love iced coffee, not me. There are people who love to speak in front of a crowd, not me. There are people who crave attention - good or bad, not me. There are people who think they're always right (well me too. Lol just kidding), Not me! There are people who put their kids on a pedestal in an annoying way, not me. There are people who will express their … [Read more...]