Making Time For Exercise for Busy Parents #StreamTeam

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Netflix as a part of my participation on the Netflix Stream Team.  All opinions are always my own. 

I know, I know, when you’re a busy parent, sometimes your health and your well-being take a step back in order to care for the family.  But what happens when they are all grown-up and have left the nest? Where does that leave you?


That is why it’s very important to take care of yourself FIRST in order to take great care of your family and yes, that means to incorporate exercise in your schedule.  I’ll admit it, I don’t exercise often enough, but I try to take the stairs when it’s possible, drink lots of water and eat more fruits and veggies.  I’m nowhere near my goal and I would love to lose about 25 pounds but I’m not worrying because my health comes first and if I’m watching what I eat and limiting fatty foods, I’m on the right track!

Thanks to Netflix, I can exercise AND watch my favorite shows to help me get motivated and laugh at the same time.

Netflix Watch it while you work

***Research shows that watching entertainment, like Netflix, while working out makes people more likely to exercise for longer periods of time and stick with their fitness regimen.***

A Few Fitness Tips For Busy Parents

Netflix Harley Pasternak

I’m sharing five realistic fitness tips for busy parents, written exclusively for the Stream Team (the Netflix bloggers) by celebrity fitness expert Harley Pasternak, who works with famous busy parents, like Jennifer Hudson and Megan Fox.

1. Resist: Even the busiest mom or dad can carve out at least 5 minutes to do some resistance “sculpting” exercise. Pick one exercise a day (i.e. lunge, squats, superman) and do 3-4 sets of 20 reps. Over time, add some weight and increase the sets.

2. Walk: You shouldn’t stop moving from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed. Use an activity monitor like a Fitbit to make sure you walk at least 10,000 steps a day. Make your phone calls as you walk around the block, park your car a little further away, take the stairs, and walk to your favorite cafe in the morning (instead of brewing your own).

3. Blend: Soups and smoothies are the perfect “on the go” meals that take only seconds to prepare. They’re a great way to get all your veggies, fruits, healthy fats and lean protein in one meal.

4. Be Entertained… But Not on the Couch: I tell all my busy parents to make sure they’re moving while watching their favorite show. Whether it be “Breaking Bad” or “House of Cards,” stream your show to your phone or tablet with Netflix and you may end up working out longer and harder!

5. Sleep: One of the most common complaints I get from parents is they are exhausted! It’s so important to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. Parents — make sure there is no light at all in your bedroom. That means no cell phones flickering, televisions blaring or alarm clocks flashing. Studies show even the smallest amount of light can disturb your sleep patterns. Other sleep tips include avoiding caffeine after noon, wearing an eye mask and avoiding surfing the web before you fall asleep.




  1. Love this! I love netflix already so watching shows and exercising can def. go hand in hand!
    Ruby DW (@RubyDW) recently posted..The Perfect Couples Getaway: Tensing Pen in Jamaica

  2. I’m trying to be better about going to the gym and hadn’t really thought about watching a show/movie for fear it might distract me, but the idea that it might actually make my workouts longer, makes me want to try it. Besides, it could be a great way to finally get to some of the series on my queue!
    Maribel recently posted..Meatless Monday Recipes: 2013 Favorites

  3. These are great tips. I really need to start doing the first one. thank you for these awesome tips. 🙂
    Melissa Libertad recently posted..Car Seat

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