Making Everyday A Big Day with Scholastic & Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats #PCBigDay #Sp

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School is in full gear now that we’re heading into the middle of October and lots of big things are happening in the Perez household. My son is a senior in high school (how did that happen?!), my daughter is just starting her high school days as a freshman and my baby is a now a third grader. Every morning marks a brand new day and I express the importance of a fresh start each morning by telling my kids, “Today is your BIG day, make it count.”


Every successful day should start with a tasty and wholesome breakfast such as Frosted Mini-Wheats cereal from Kellogg’s. My children need their nutrients and energy for a productive school day so I try to buy breakfast cereals and snacks they can eat in a jiffy. Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats is full of fiber so it keeps my kids full longer so they can get the most of the school day.

Help prepare your kids for big days with a nutritious breakfast packed with fiber and nearly a day’s worth of whole grains.

As a mother of three, the Scholastic brand is well-known and loved in my household. Every month my little one receives a mini-catalog so she can order books at a discounted price. Scholastic is also very involved with learning and empowering children succeed for a better tomorrow.


As we enter the middle of October, Scholastic is getting parents involved with their new campaign, 60 Seconds To School Success. Every two weeks, Scholastic will feature a new video on how to help your child succeed in school. You can also share your tips on what works for your family as well. Share the love.

Below are some tips to help you and your children conquer the day.

Set High Standards

Talk to your kids about their dreams and goals — both long- and short-term. What do they imagine for themselves? Then help them figure out some steps they can take to achieve those goals. A vision board is a great way to get them to explore their dreams on paper.

Persistence Pays

Help your children stay focused on their goals no matter what obstacles confront them. Encourage them not to give up. Persistence pays off, but kids need to believe in themselves in order to keep at it.

Creativity Matters

Engage your children in creative activities or help them look at things in new ways. Invite your child to discuss his or her interests and favorite things to do.

Play Outdoors

Spend time outdoors with your children. The fresh air provides an opportunity for reflection and inspiration. Whether it’s a stroll in the park or a picnic by the lake, enjoy nature.

Here are some activities you and your family can plan together to help them reach their full potential:

Outdoor Activities:

✔ Backyard obstacle course
✔ Neighborhood dog parade
✔ Nature scavenger hunt
✔ Build a backyard tee-pee

Arts & Crafts:

✔ Paper plate sundial
✔ Marshmallow and toothpick buildings
✔ Hand and foot print flowers
✔ Sidewalk chalk drawing

For more tips on the Big Day, visit Scholastic:

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