How the Monkey Bars Are Making My Daughter Feel Fat…at 6 Years Old!

Monkey bars

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I don’t know what it is in this day and age that more and more little girls everywhere are calling themselves fat.

Is it society’s fault?

Is it the parent’s fault?


Apparently it’s the monkey bars fault! Well, in this case.

Yesterday my daughter came home from school, gave me her usual daily after-school kiss and hug and asked me a question that I was not prepared for.

“Mommy, how do you get skinny fast?”

I was dumbfounded.

Where did this come from?

Did her classmates tease her?

Was it something she heard at school?

Oh my gosh…..did she hear me complain to my husband that I was too fat for the 6 jeans I tried on just the other day?

So I asked her, “Why are you asking such a silly question? You know you are not fat baby. You are just right – just the way God made you.”

“Well, mommy, today I went on the monkey bars and I couldn’t let go of the bar to climb on to the next one like my friend did. I’m too fat! So how do you get skinny mommy?”

People, she’s only SIX! I don’t remember being this self-conscious at this age. 


I had to stop her and explain to her that I, too, couldn’t do the monkey bars to save my life.  I tried to tell her that it’s all about being strong enough to hold ourselves up.  It has nothing to do with being overweight (which she is not!).  It’s that we need to get stronger and by becoming stronger we need to eat our veggies, exercise and by practicing.  I told her, “Practice makes almost perfect.”

She gave me this disgusted face when I mentioned veggies. LOL

She sighed heavily.  She despises vegetables or anything that is green, except green grapes.

After talking to her about the word fat and how it’s not nice to say that, she finally got it. I think.

She said she was going to practice everyday until she got it.

And who the heck said parenting was easy?

Whew.  I’m tired just writing this post so imagine going through the conversation.

What types of conversations do you have with your children. Do you suffer from exhaustion when it’s all said and done?