Back To A Routine

Things haven’t been so easy here ever since school started. Slowly but surely we are going back to a routine that works and makes everyone happy. Usually it’s the kids that make it difficult to find a routine that works but I’m the one having a hard time with a routine.

Funny, uh? Why is that?

I’m getting a good night’s sleep thanks to a great new mattress but when my kids get home from school, it’s pure mayhem.  I’m frazzled and got a million things on my mind and I just can’t figure it all out.

Where’s my Calgon?!

I’m so backed up with blog posts that my mind literally feels like scrambled eggs.  There’s so much to do I have no idea where to start.

On top of that, I’ve got to post winners (thank goodness for!) for two past giveaways I’ve had for the $50 visa gift cards. I apologize for the wait.

I hate feeling this way and I’ve got to find a way to pick myself up. Any ideas?

PS If you like, enter another giveaway for a chance to win a $50 visa gift card. I promise I won’t take forever to choose a winner ;).



  1. I can relate but in a different way. I homeschool my kids so they are here with me all the time. There are definitely times where things get so busy I don’t know if I’m coming or going. Everything gets backed up and I don’t feel good. What makes me calm down and come back to center is to here stories like yours and know that I’m not alone and there is really no such thing as superwomen. Thanks!!
    Lisa C Writes recently posted..Wordless Wednesday…#51

  2. A great mattress is so important. We spent a lot, but it’s worth it. You need a good night’s sleep to be alert the next day!
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