The Joys of Mamihood: Cheesy Feet

cheesy feet

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Being a mom of three kids, all different ages, the joys of mamihood can become both amusing and stressful.  It’s the amusement that all mothers need from time to time to avoid going insane.  It helps get the stress out of the way and lets you live your life.  With amusement comes funny stories too — only a mother would know.

A couple of days ago, I was in my bed with my 6-year-old reading Black Heels to Tractor Wheels–A Love Story By Ree Drummond (Great book!) while my daughter was reading Strawberry Shortcake.  After awhile, I started to smell something funky.

I asked my daughter if she smelled something too.  She said “yea, I actually do smell something mommy.” I asked her what she thought that smell was coming from. She said she didn’t know.

Was it the dog?

Was it the cat?


I wanted to know because I didn’t smell it before. I did have a thought as to what it was.

So I just came out and said, “Is it your feet baby?” (she sweats a lot!).  She said “Let me smell them.” So she took a sniff at her own feet and than asked I’d she can smell mine. I said sure go ahead. After smelling both of our feet, she asked me, “what did the “smell” smell like?”

“Did it smell like a dirty trash can?” I laughed. I said,  “noooo.”

“Then what did it smell like mommy?” I said it smelled like cheese.

She says. “Oh then it’s definitely my feet!”

Omg! I laughed so hard, my tummy was hurting from all the laughter.  I couldn’t believe she actually said that. She said it calmly and proud too.

I guess that’s what happens when she wears her shoes without socks. Gross! Maybe it’s time for mama to buy her some new shoes.

It’s funny because she has such a profound love for cheese that there is no shame in her “cheesy” game. 😉

Afterward, I took her a quick shower and brought her to bed. No more cheesy-smelling feet.

And there you have it, the joys of Mamihood: Cheesy Feet Style. 😉

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  1. If only we mommy’s were so proud of our stinky feet!

  2. How funny and cute! 🙂
    Shelly recently posted..Why I love Swagbucks

  3. How cute!
    Sunshine recently posted..Fish Friday

  4. Pandora says:

    That is really funny, kids are so cute and as a mum you really experience so pretty gross stuff sometimes. I have a house full of boys so you can imagine what I mean, lol!

    Pandora from Home and Decor

  5. You know I read this when I got your blog email and wanted to comment but got distracted. I was cracking up, kids can be so funny. You know I’ve never told anyone this but even though my kids are 18 and 21, I love smelling their toes, lol. They smell like when they were babies most of the time, sometimes they smell a little bit a chicote. 🙂
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