I’m A Chronic Canceler

Having dinner with friends

On Thursday’s episode of The Talk, Tisha Campbell-Martin was the special guest star.  On one of the segments, Sharon stated that it was extremely rude for Lindsay Lohan to cancel a very high-profile interview with the Today Show, Matt Lauer being the interviewer, who flew thousands of miles from New York to California.  Lindsay’s excuse was that her urine was found with alcohol and had to attend to that matter.  We all know very well that Lindsay has gotten herself into trouble numerous times in the past so this is one of the situations she shouldn’t have been in.

But I digress.  The question Sharon tried to point out to us was how do we feel when people cancel on us last minute?

She turns to Tisha and asks her but she looked puzzled.  Holly goes by saying Leah and her know Tisha all too well because Tisha is a chronic canceler.

After the audience gave her some Ohhhhh’s, Tisha, of course, wanted to explain herself.  She basically said at the time of her making plans, it sounds great and all but when the day comes, she tends to forget, or the kids are acting up so they made her crazy or it’s already to late to go out.

Leah chimes in and says that she doesn’t mind when people cancel on her because she can go about her day and do something else.  But the way she explains it on the show was hilarious!

Did you see it?

Leah says, right after the person cancels on her, one of her eyelashes are out and one shoe is left on. No hard feelings for Leah and I love that about her.

Thick skin!

So the question is, are you a chronic canceler or do your feelings get hurt when people cancel on you?

As for me, I’ve got thicker skin than some so when someone cancels on me either days in advance or last minute, I’m fine.  My day isn’t ruined because of that person canceling out on me and it shouldn’t be.


The reason why it doesn’t bother me could be because I AM a chronic canceler but I don’t mean to be. Seriously, I don’t.

Let me explain to you:

Reasons why I’ve become a chronic canceler (not by choice):

1. The kids drove me crazy and now my energy has been depleted because of them or Dh and I had an argument and I am pissed off. (So true!)

2. I forgot to write it on the calendar and now the day has come and I don’t feel like going anywhere – I just want to stay home in my pj’s and veg out in front of the TV.

3. I’m broke – plain and simple! Yes, I could’ve saved some money on the side for that special outing but I didn’t.  Life goes on. Pick another day.

4. Dh has special plans with the family and forgot to discuss that with me in advance.  Isn’t family time valuable?

5. This one is Huge! I got my period and I am literally on the floor suffering with major cramps.  I am useless for 2 days straight so how am I suppose to go out and have fun while I’m in contraction-like pain?

6. House is a mess and I hate leaving my house a mess while I am out having fun.

Don’t get me wrong, I love going out with the girls and having a good time but life gets in the way.  I think my reasons are valid.  What do you think?


  1. I’m a chronic canceler too! Main reasons: I overschedule, forget, sitter cancelled, kids didn’t tell me they had something in school, afterschool or need something for school at last minute so YES I can totally relate!
    Ms. Latina recently posted..Yellow Shoes: Are They Chic or Just Plain Cheap?

  2. Heart this post 2 and 3 speak to me. And sometimes on the inside I’m happy ppl cancel on me. I’m also known to lie to ppl and tell them I’ll be busy, I love me and hubby time…or plain me time, sometimes I cancel on him to

  3. Great questions! I don’t mind if someone cancels on me once or twice, but honestly, I tend to book my time quite a ways in advance, and TRY to be judicious in my scheduling (and don’t see friends that often as it is), so if someone cancels on me three or more times in a row, I tend to think that I’m just not a priority for them. This is fine, of course, but I tend to be more careful about making plans with them in the future. But the first time or two, or if it happens from time to time (and not every time), and I can count on them for other things, yeah, I totally understand. As to the reasons? For me, ANY reason is valid to cancel if you’re just not up to it. No explanations needed. We all need to have some flexibility. 🙂
    Aurelia Flores recently posted..Meg Medina, Author

  4. If I commit to something…. I make sure I do it. It’s really hard for me to cancel. A. I feel bad that I am not keeping my word. B. I hate when people cancel on me. I have a busy life and have to plan when I’m going to step out…. SO IT BUGS BIG TIME!
    Presley’s Pantry recently posted..Salad Series: the big bite Red Fruit Ensalada!

  5. I actually always try to make and keep plans. I used to take it personal when people cancelled, especially because I’ve always been so great at showing up, but now I understand that life is unpredictable. It’s okay if someone cancels on me because they’re tired or stressed. I am tired and stressed too! So I go easy on people now. Besides, I realized that I was just dealing with my abandonment issues! Lol. Great post!
    Sujeiry recently posted..On the Go Pepascope: Daily Horoscope (June 24th)

  6. I wouldn’t say I’m a chronic canceler, but I’m usually late – which bothers me more than it bothers others, so it seems (except my husband… he gets a bulging vein in his forehead when I’m running late). I think what’s important is that friends making plans understand that life happens. Sometimes we can’t control the circumstances and we just have to reschedule. I have a few friends who I’m constantly rescheduling with due to our often conflicting schedules. And kids just throw a whole other element into the mix, too. Real friends understand and are patient when life happens. Often, if someone cancels on me, I go home and put my PJs on early, or I’ll call the spa to see if I can get a last minute manicure or something. I try to at least still get some girl time/me time, even if I’m doing it alone.

  7. Its funny because I’ve been known to cancel on occasion, but it’s always for a really really good reason. However when people cancel on me, I get a little offended. More when it’s last minute than in advance. Mainly because by the time they’ve canceled, I don’t have time or anyone around that I can make quick plans with. And I hate staying home, especially if I’m already all dressed up…But more importantly, is this your way of saying I shouldn’t make plans with you? LOL.
    Victoria recently posted..12 Things About ME!!!!

  8. I am one of the few cubanitas on the planet who does not operate on Cuban Time. My Mami is one of the others. She taught me to be prompt and to keep my commitments.

    I totally get it when people cancel last minute, but if one is constantly canceling on me, no me gusta and I make less of a point to hang out in the future.

    So, Lisa…careful canceling on me! LOL
    Carrie at TikiTikiBlog! recently posted..Dressing ’70s Style Con Estilo

  9. i’m a chronic rescheduler! is that better!??! I don’t like canceling and don’t like being canceled on, especially when it’s a biz meeting that’s mutually beneficial. But I know things come up… What’s worse is when someone cancels w/out letting you know!!! If there was a chance of doing biz or establishing a relationship… done… no mas. I think it’s highly rude, inconsiderate of my time and shows lack of professionalism. I d

  10. I am there with you! I’ve either overscheduled myself, am broke or have no energy!! There’s always something!! I do feel like I get out more than most though.

  11. Great post!! I cancel a lot too. Not because I want to, but because I just can’t handle it all, even if I want to. I feel like I am sometimes being pulled to zillion different directions and I am trying to do as much as I can, but yet focus on what’s important. And most often it’s not that I don’t want to or feel like it – I cancel because I have to because family, work, money, time etc. reasons.
    Katja recently posted..Links We Love: Summer Links Mama Must Read

  12. I dont mind when people cancel. I’m so busy all the time that if I can free up my day then I’m all for it.

    What I dont like is waiting, then not hearing from someone who calls me minutes before I’m supposed to meet them to say “oh sorry I ____ ” because then I feel my time was wasted. grrr!

    My friends and I have this whole “no pressure” preface to every invite so that way if we can’t make it out, we don’t feel bad about cancelling. It works for us!

    Li recently posted..LushLunes: Have A Little Faith

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