I Think I Got Rid Of The Nasty Little Virus.

That’s it. I’ve had it!

I just finished spraying a half-can of Lysol in my whole house while the windows were opened to finally get rid of that nasty little virus that has been ruining our lives for the past 5 days.

Just when I thought I was feeling better than BAM – it hit me again.  The way I felt these past several days I would never wish that upon my worse enemy (not saying I do have enemies – don’t even know, don’t care).  It was the worst feeling ever.  Not being able to care for my sick children because I was too sick was bad, really bad.

Headache all day, nasty cough, congestion all night PLUS thyroid symptoms that ‘creeped up’ out of nowhere took a huge toll on my weak body. I literally slept for the majority of the weekend.  And food? That was not even on my mind. I had about 300 calories the whole weekend and I think that’s a lot. Now THAT shows my family that I am indeed sick because I love food.  My husband tried to help out but guess what? He was feeling sick too so my son had to step up and help out when it was time to eat, which he didn’t mind – he loves meal time.

I know I said I had the worse time but this one really seals the deal.  The “highlight” of the weekend was when I could not stand up because I felt as though my head weighed a hundred pounds was Saturday – the same day my 6 year old was complaining of ear pain and a bad cough.

Talk about mother of the year. I could not take her to the doctors because I for one, needed one myself.

Can you imagine how I felt?

I felt like I belonged on the bottom of a muddy lake with all the gunk and crap. I couldn’t help it.  I’m so relieved I had a a little energy so I (well hubby drove us) took her yesterday to see her pediatrician and guess what? Yup, she has a ear infection AGAIN.  This time she is taking a stronger dose and has to return to the doctor in a week to see if her ear is cleared.

I told you “he” was a nasty little virus but I think I got him. lol  I’m washing our sheets and blankets and trying to clean up this messy house.  I’m hoping to be fully recovered by Friday – just in time for Getting Gorgeous. 😉

What have you been up to? Anything exciting, like me? lol

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  1. So glad you’re feeling better! It’s the pits being sick, esp. since we’re so used to being the one to take care of everyone else in the family (including DH 🙂

    Great idea to disinfect EVERYTHING!!! Get rid of those nasty germs once and for all!
    Yakini recently posted..Gimme

  2. Thanks Yakini. Right before i got rid of that nasty virus, hubby got it good unfortunately. Let’s see how fast he recovers. Hopefully fast!

  3. So glad you’re over it! I used a can of lysol too after we got through with it. Yuck!
    Debbi Does Dinner Healthy recently posted..Summer Squash and Corn Chowder

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