Lancaster, PA – Road Trip With The Family: Part 2. VW Style

Disclosure: The Volkswagen Routan was given to us as a loaner for review purposes only.  It was made possible by the MWW Group. Thank you so much for making our road trip “extra special”  Amy. 😉

OK, so it’s been a long 49 days since our family road trip with the star of the trip, the Volkswagen Routan.

I know, I know. That was way over a month ago and you must be thinking, ok, why is she writing about this now? Honestly, life got in the way especially when there’s kids involved and well, it was also a sad moment when the vehicle was picked up.

Really it was.

Just thinking about the extra leg room we had, the luxury of dual tv screens with wireless headphones, automatic door and trunk opener, leather seats, a built-in GPS, satellite radio, emotions can indeed get in the way.  The biggest surprise was that during the whole road trip, our 3 kids did not fight at all!

That alone was the icing on the cake. No doubt about it.

Compared to our Kia Sorento (where my kids are cramped and bicker A LOT!) , the Routan is a fabulous minivan.  It doesn’t even feel like a “soccer mom’s” vehicle. The  Routan has the speed, the style, the kick, the look, the luxury, the “everything” that a well-made vehicle has to offer.  This is definitely our next vehicle.


I really miss the Routan.  I really do.

Ok so back to the road trip.  Sorry, I got sidetracked for a moment.


It started on a Saturday morning (June 26).  We wanted to leave no later than 7 am but with 3 kids and some things that were left unpacked, we ended up hitting the road at 9 am. And that was after going to K Mart for a cooler and sunglasses.

Our first stop was to Lancaster, PA.

Traffic wasn’t too bad. Cars were moving and the weather was perfect; nice and sunny.  We stopped once for a bathroom break and to stretch our legs midway and then we were off to Lancaster.  The reason why we were visiting Lancaster is because I have family over there from my dad’s side and because he’s buried over there too (unfortunately not by my choice!).

We arrived to Lancaster around one so we did pretty good on travel time.  The first thing we did was check in to our hotel and leave our bags in the room. We met up with my sister, my mom and her boyfriend.  After check-in, we headed out to Walmart to get some gardening tools and flowers so we can plant them next to my dads tombstone.

After our visit to the cemetery, we headed out to a local park where my family decided to have a picnic just for us (can I get a awwwww….lol).  They made a huge deal because of us.

How sweet.  My aunts and cousins arranged a huge picnic at the park (the same park where my dad, my sister and I ate crabs) with food, drinks and goodies and all we had to do was to bring ourselves.

Now how many people would do that? Tell you to come to a picnic and not bring anything? I can tell you not many.  I felt guilty not bringing anything even after asking several times if we should bring something but they insisted. I’m so glad we didn’t bring anything because they had TONS of food, drinks, cake, chips and all the paper products.

I was so amazed and grateful they went out of their way for us.

After spending some quality time with my family and doing some eating and drinking, we decided to go back to our hotel room to rest for our early rise to Philadelphia, PA.

What a long day but it was all worth it.

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