Unique Conversations With My 4 Year Old

My four year old and I have lots of conversations in the car.  Some conversations make me laugh and some make me wonder, “where does  she hear this stuff from”.  Anyway, they’re all so cute because it lets me me know what she’s thinking.

Here are two small conversations I just had to share with everyone.  It made me laugh out loud because she’ll come out and just say some random things.

4 y.o.  – Mama, that’s a hospital truck, right?

Me – Hospital truck? (looking around really quickly while I drive) Oh yea, that is actually an ambulance baby (yes, I still call her baby).

4 y.o. – What is that for?

Me – It’s how they take sick or hurt people to the hospital.

4 y.o. – And dead people too, right mama?

OMG! I had no idea she would say something like that.  So I had to say,

Me – Yes, and dead people too.

Immediately I changed the subject because I knew the conversation would go somewhere else along those same lines.  I was not ready for that!

Another funny conversation happened while driving home from picking her up from school one day.  She said she was hungry so she asked for lunch and said she wanted pizza.  So I told her that right before we go home, that we’ll get pizza.  This is the conversation that we had in the car:

4 y.o. – Mama, I’m hungry, can we have pizza for lunch?

Me – That sounds like a good idea. Right before we get home, we’ll get it.

4 y.o. – But I don’t want pizza at home (she meant she didn’t want Ellio’s pizza).  I want triangle pizza from the pizza place.

Me – Oh, excuse me missy (saying it with a laugh).  Ok, then, we’ll go to the pizzeria and get you triangle pizza.

4 y.o. – YAY!!! I love triangle pizza mama.

I had no idea a 4 year old would know how to distinguish between frozen pizza and “pizzeria” pizza.  C’mon, at her age, a pizza is a pizza…right?

It’s true, kids say the darnest things.

Do you have some wacky conversations you’d like to share? I would love to hear them!!

Happy Sunday!


  1. Adorable.

    The older I get the less surprised I am by what mine and other kids say. They are sponges and for some reason we don’t realize it.


  2. As I tweeted the other day, from my 7 yr old son’s mouth while taking him to karate class near Xmas time: “Dad, you know what? I want to have a Christmas tree farm with a nice restaurant in front. I am gonna call it “Wines & Pines”.”
    After we all laughed for a while, he pipes up again.
    “Dad, you know what though? I am only going to settle down and do that once I turn 35, because that is when I am going to be famous”. After I am done being a rock drummer and singer, I am going to be a chef one day and an engineer the next, ’cause I want to do both.”

    I am glad my son is ambitious, but jeesh!

  3. ah, a little gourmet already! maybe soon she’ll offer to whip up a fresh pizza for you 😉

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