There’s alway a funny kid’s moment at my house!

img_2745My four year old daughter LOVES to dress herself. She dresses and undresses herself all the time. If I try to help her, she gets upset.  So I leave her alone. She is a very independent girl when it comes to that.

So one day, after running a whole lot of errands, she mentioned to me that she was getting tired and asked if she could put on her pajamas. I was in the middle of cooking dinner so I told her she knew where her pajamas were and that she can go to her room and change.

She comes out of her room and something looks wrong. I looked at her and said: “Vanessa, where did you get those pajamas from”? She looks down at them and says, “I didn’t get them from my hamper Mommy”.

My son and I laughed so hard because we knew exactly what she meant.  I asked her why did she take her pj’s from the hamper.

She looked at me with a surprised face (like I wouldn’t find out) and said “But Mommy, I wanted to wear my favorite pajamas, the ones in my draws are not my favorite”!

Needless to say, she won.

She ended up wearing her “hampered” pj’s to bed.

I’m telling you, there’s never a dull moment at our house!

Note: They weren’t really dirty, she only wore it once after her bath.


  1. Don’t worry about it. Kids should get used to wearing dirty clothes, once you start making them do their own laundry they are gonna spend plenty of time doing it. Just kidding! My hope is that the fact that I sometimes dig their soccer socks outta the hamper will have minimal affect on their habits as adults. But, since they are all dudes, I guess I probably can’t expect much in terms of cleanliness for the future. Love your blog:)

  2. lol… cute…. Kids are so wonderful. That moment is priceless.
    There so many moments I wished I would had the time to grab the cam and capture them. 🙂

  3. LOL. What a cute story. Maybe you can get her an extra pair of her fav pjs so she has a backup =P

  4. She is adorable! I totally agree with Laura – I wish I would have had a camera back when they were younger, although I do have a picture of my oldest doing his first load of laundry! Told him I would show it to his wife when she complains he doesn’t help do the wash LOL

  5. LOL, Vanessa! Kids can be so cute and funny. Thanks for sharing! ;-D

  6. Your kids actually place clothes IN the hamper?

    • LOL.. Yes, my 4 year old is very anal when it comes to her clothes.. It’s funny b/c she’s the only one that does that. My older kids just throws their clothes near the hamper.

  7. LOVE your site, will visit again 🙂 Submitted this post to Google News Reader.


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