Kids DO say the funniest things.

Below is a conversation I had with my 4 year old.  We were just about to have dinner so I asked my 4 year old to call her brother over for dinner.

Here is what the conversation was like:

Nessa: Steven, dinner’s ready.

Nessa: Look Mom, here’s your brother.

Mom: (laughing)  No baby (Yes, I still call her baby), he’s not my brother, he’s my son.

Nessa: No, he’s not.  He’s your brother Mommy.

Mom: Baby, you’re my daughter and he’s my son.

Nessa: No MOMMY!! He’s your brother, he’s not your son.  He’s not in the sky.


I laughed so hard.

Now I knew what she meant. I then tried to explain to her how he is not my brother.  It was hard to stop laughing while trying to tell her how and why he is my son.  I hope she got it.  If not, I’ll tell her to go ask her father.. LOL


Sometimes she says the funniest things.  Kids are indeed so cute and naive.  I love my kids.  I think they’re the best!

If you have kids, what was the funniest thing they’ve said recently?


  1. LOL, I would’ve loved to see her face when she was saying it. They look so cute 🙂

  2. Aw how cute is that, I love it when kids says such innocent things. I have an 18 month old and he’s just starting to say words but I cant wait until he can say things like that to make me laugh.

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