Do you buy the extended warranty for your appliances?

My husband and I always buy the extended warranty on our appliances because “you just never know”.  Appliances go bad with normal wear and tear or they just die out.  That is a fact.  So even though it’s an extra expense, it covers your item for the life of the warranty which is usually about 2-3 years.   In my opinion, it is always a good idea to get one.  Most of the time we use it and sometimes we don’t.  It’s one of those things where “it’s better to be safe than sorry”. 

One of the items we bought recently was from Sears, which was a Lawn Tractor.  We bought it in May of this year because our old lawn mower died.  We also bought an extended warranty with it.  It was an extra $200.00.  Not bad if it breaks down because someone comes to your home, fixes it and if they can’t, they replace it for a brand new one.  Not too shabby if you ask me.

Well, the time came to call Sears to get our tractor fixed.  I couldn’t believe that we just bought it only 4 months ago and already it broke down.  Two weeks ago, hubby tried to turn it on to mow the lawn and quess what?  It didn’t turn on.  So I called Sears and scheduled an appointment for someone to check it out.  They came by Thursday and they repaired it.  It took about 30 minutes for the man to find out what the problem was and to fix it.  All I had to do was sign the receipt and off he went.  It was that easy.  The cost of the visit, the repair and to replace the battery (it turned out it had a defective battery) was $265.00.  We paid nothing, thanks to our warranty.

The next day, Sears called and I thought something was wrong with the visit.  Nothing was wrong, they were just checking to see if the service visit went well and if the tractor was in working condition, which it was.  She mentioned if I wanted to add another appliance to the warranty because she noticed on the computer that my dryer’s warranty expired back in March.  She also said if I wanted to renew it. I quickly said yes because dryers tend to burn out sometimes.  So I had the warranty on the dryer renewed.  She then asked me if I had other appliances I wanted to add to the warranty.  I told her that I didn’t buy anything else from Sears and she said it didn’t matter where I bought it, just as long it wasn’t bought 10 years ago.  I was shocked and amazed that she would “allow” that.  So I added my refrigerator and my dishwasher that I bought 4 years ago at Best Buy.  I was so glad that I could do that.  Now my dryer, fridge and dishwasher are all protected for two years and it cost me less than a brand new appliance.  AND, when the warranty expires, I can renew it for another two years. 

So the next time you’re out to buy an appliance, consider buying an extended warranty because they can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

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