What is your favorite electronics store?

If you chose Best Buy, then we have something in common.  I love Best Buy.  I have bought MANY items from that store.  Are you curious as to what I’ve bought from the store?

Here is what I bought from Best Buy so far:

  • Side-to-Side Fridge
  • Stove
  • Dishwasher
  • Toaster
  • Microwave
  • Music cd’s
  • DVD’s
  • Digital Camera
  • A couple of printers
  • Laptop
  • HP PC
  • Candy
  • Printer paper
  • Car alarm
  • Car starter
  • Phone

The list can go on and on.  The one thing that I really love about Best Buy is that they have a store membership.  It’s free and it only takes a minute to sign up.  All you need to do to keep it active is buy one qualifying item once per year and your membership will stay active for a full year.

Here are the benefits:

  • NO fee membership
  • Points earned at all U.S. Best Buy stores and at BestBuy.com
  • Special offer during your birthday month
  • Access to our exclusive member magazine, Best — plus news and articles from other sources
  • Free paper (up to $9.99) with purchase of 2 ink cartridges or a single multi-pack
  • Special bonus point offers
  • MyRewardZone.com — for tracking points, viewing special offers and enjoying member exclusives
  • And more!

Each time you purchase anything, just show your Reward Zone card so you can earn points. As a Reward Zone® program member, you’ll get 1 point for nearly every $1 you spend at Best Buy or BestBuy.com®. Reach 250 points and you’ll receive a $5 reward certificate. You can use your reward certificates on virtually anything you buy at Best Buy or  BestBuy.com.  The most I’ve received so far was 3 $20 reward certificates.  With that money, I bought myself an MP3 player.

So, if you’re not a member, go to their store or site and sign up.


  1. Best Buy is pretty great when you just want to pick something up on a whim, but for the best prices around I head to Amazon, Newegg.com, or Monoprice.com. Seriously can’t beat the deals you get on those sites.

  2. I have been in the site so many times already but still never get a chance to purchase. :p

  3. Wow that’s a lot of shopping Lisa! I’ve gotten my new ipod from there and we buy stuff like CD’s and DVD’s mostly. We have the credit card and best buy rewards card. My hubby just got a speaker box for his car and got $25 off of it.

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