Sears Delivery SUCKS!

My husband and I ordered a lawn tractor like this: on May 5th from our local Sears store.  The salesperson told us we could have the floor model sent to us as soon as possible, which was May 16th.  So we said ok, that’s fine, even though our grass looks like a jungle, we’ll wait another 2 weeks for the mower.  Are you curious as to what our grass looks like?  It’s really bad.  Here’s a similar picture:

Here is what happened this week:

  • We get a call from Sears on Wednesday confirming our delivery date which is May 16th.  We ask them what is the time frame.  They tell us they’ll call us back for the time frame.
  • They call us back 6 hours later and to tell us it doesn’t look like we’re getting the tractor on the 16th because of the manufacturer.  They are having delay issues.  So I ask them do you know when we will get it.  They say they will call us back in the morning.
  • They call us Friday morning and they say they are confirming delivery for Saturday but they don’t know what time they can deliver it so wait for a call back in the afternoon.
  • They called us at 4pm and tell us we will get the tractor delivered on Saturday but wait for a call back to let us know what time they can deliver.
  • They call us at 7:30pm to tell us that we will get it delivered on Saturday between 10:45am-12:45pm.  We’re happy because our grass is looking like no one lives here.  We’re the hillbillies of the neighborhood now.
  • This morning, we get ready and wait until we get our new tractor delivered.  I am really excited that hubby can finally mow our grass.
  • Guess what?  Yup, we get a call at 10am and it’s Sears telling us they have to reschedule b/c the manufacturer is having difficulty delivering our tractor on time.  So I asked her when will it be here?  She says she doesn’t have an exact day and  that someone will call us in 24-48 hours to let us know the delivery date. At this point, I am upset.  I asked her what is going on with the manufacturer?  Why can’t they be on target with their deliveries.
  • So she tells me she doesn’t know and she tells me again to wait for another call.  For goodness sakes!

So that is why Sears delivery SUCKS!  They give you the run around and you feel like a fool!


  1. Funny since sears/the manufacturer definitely took your money without a run around huh? This is why if i can’t take it with me right now…….i’ll find someone else who’ll let me. Usually Wallyworld lol.

  2. wow, that sucks! I would have just gone back to the store and gotten my money back and gone someplace else, like home depot or loews.
    What ever happened to good customer service and the customer is always right mentality???

  3. What would have upset me the most would have been the fact that the sales girl didn’t have any good answers. I would have asked to speak to her supervisor and see if you can at least get some money back or something. Wouldn’t you get fined by the town/city for the grass? I would tell them all that!

  4. Aw! Sorry to hear about your troubles.

    Gosh, my grass is almost up to our knees, but that’s because I just haven’t *felt* like mowing it, lol. Hillbillies rock!

  5. Hi, very nice post. I have been wonder’n bout this issue,so thanks for posting

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