{Review} JuveRest: The Sleep Wrinkle Pillow

Disclosure: Product was sent for review purposes. Do you sleep on your stomach or on your side?  You may want to reconsider how you sleep after I tell you that you may be causing your own face wrinkles because of the way you sleep. It's true! Many people don't realize there are two main types of wrinkles on their face.  There's Expression Wrinkles and you get these from smiling, squinting  or frowning (think crow's feet and smile lines).  Sleep Wrinkles are different and are caused by … [Read more...]

Disney Publishing Worldwide App Sale for Valentine’s Day

Ever since my husband bought me an iPad a couple of years ago, my little one has been a frequent user. She loves when I download new apps whether it's for improving her reading skills, math skills or just plain ol' games. Her favorite apps are definitely from Disney. She's a girly-girl so she loves anything princess-y. Give her a whole new wardrobe to dress up in a pretty, flowy dresses, she would be in la-la land all day long. So when I told her that Disney has some brand new apps for the … [Read more...]

E.L.F. Make-up

I love E.L.F. makeup. Their prices are the best (avg. price is $1) and the quality is outstanding.  And they are everywhere.  You can find E.L.F. makeup at your local target store. I received an email recently and I wanted to share the great deals to my readers. FREE MINI MAKEUP COLLECTION! Use code FREEMM with any purchase. Shop Now at www.eyeslipsface.com/studio/makeup_collections 50% SAVINGS SITEWIDE! Buy 1, Get Your Second at 50% Off with coupon code EGBOGOHALF Shop Now at … [Read more...]