Pizza Fridays & A Movie with @Netflix | Plus, A Recipe! #StreamTeam

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Netflix as a part of my participation on the Netflix Stream Team. All opinions are always my own. Years ago, I declared Fridays to be Pizza Fridays.  It helps the whole family unwind, relax and get ready for a busy or a lazy weekend.  It also helps me stay sane especially since I don't have to break my brain to find out what we're going to eat. It has become our family tradition. ;) I don't know about you but some days I just don't feel like cooking, … [Read more...]

Creating Recipes with Flatout Hungry Girl Foldit Flatbreads. #Flatouthot

When I think about creating recipes for my family, I usually wing it. Whatever I have on-hand is usually what I work with. It can't be too complicated or difficult to make and it must be simple and easy so I can feed my family of five quickly. Most of the time, I'd like to have dinner on the table within an hour, so whatever makes my life easier, that's the route I'm taking! When The Motherhood invited me to participate in their Flatout program with Walgreens, I immediately said yes. First of … [Read more...]