What Happened To New York Chica?

It's like a ghost town around here these days, right? I assure you, my dear and lovely readers, I have not stopped blogging/writing on New York Chica. I guess you can say my site was on "hiatus." Why? Things have changed dramatically in my personal life within the past three-four weeks. During the second week of October, Green Mountain Coffee flew me and two other bloggers, Kelby and Kristen (Two of the sweetest women bloggers!) to Vermont for two full days of exploring and … [Read more...]

Photo Hunters: ROCK!

My friend Rebecca over at New York Traveler loves to post for Photo  Hunters and she always has very interesting photos.  I love them all.  This time she invited me to join in on the fun. The two photos below were taken last week at Central Park by the Delacorte Theatre.  My 4 year old saw the huge rock and quickly wanted to "walk" on the rock.  So I got my camera and shot a few pictures and these were the best looking ones. I hope you enjoy them.  If you want to join in, go right ahead! … [Read more...]

Excuse me!

Please excuse the look of my blog.  I'm in the process of getting a new header made.  I hope everyone will like the end result because I love it! Thanks. … [Read more...]