Shout-Out Sunday – 10/2

Wow, it has been a long while since I posted a Shout-Out Sunday. It's definitely not because I don't read any blogs that are worth spreading. No way! On the contrary, there are PLENTY of blogs that are worth visiting every single day.  My dilemma is that I read way too many fantastic blogs that it's hard to choose which ones I should Shout-Out.  Because in my opinion, they're all good reads. Anyway, here are some that I selected from my Google reader: 1) From Good Enough Mother: How do … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – Chuck E. Cheese at 10 AM

"This is the best day ever, Mom!" That is what my 5 year old told me right before she met Chuck E. Cheese.  She was so excited to have her 5th birthday at one of her favorite places.  I've been hearing a lot about a Chuck E. Cheese party for months now but I was reluctant because the place can get kind of "wacko" with all the kids running around. Let's not forget about the parents - who can also get "wild" too. Have you heard about adults fighting at Chuck E. Cheese? I could not believe it … [Read more...]